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Indonesia's first seashell Museum

Written By Rio Gonzales on Sunday, January 13, 2013 | Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bali is not only qualified in the field of tourism which accentuate the aspect of fun and the crowd of the masses, but also quite looking at the aspect of tourism education. For example, it is the existence of a Shell Museum is known as the first shells museum in Indonesia. The Museum, in addition to being a cultural attractions also meets the educational aspect is so very fitting if visited by You and the fruit of the heart.

Musem Shell keeps a collection of more or less about 10 thousand various shells and fossils originating from various countries are witnessing an ancient between 100 – 150 million years. Can you imagine how complete and rich historic value of the museum consists of three floors. A variety of ancient objects stored in it consistently and painstaking care and maintained as well as possible so that even though he was very old but still looks like its original form while still alive.

Some collections that existed here, on the second floor, for example, there are fossils of shells whose shape is similar to a squid Basilica presumably age has nearly 400 million years. In addition, there are also fossils of shells similar to plant flowers that are called with the Crinoid yan gumurnya no less than 440 million years ago, as well as Crinions which is the Asia's largest fossil.
The third floor of the museum holds a collection that is not less uniquely like Cypraea Teodoro Moneta, who said in the past the shells of this type ever made as a legitimate means of payment. Some of the facilities that exist in the museum such a home theater that contains about the search process and the discovery of fossils in this place. So in addition to being able to see the shape and form of the ancient objects, you also have the chance to see a procession of misery behind the discovery and search for shellfish-clams, it used to be.
Shell Museum located on Sunset Road Kuta, Bali – Indonesia. The distance is only about 10 km's from the city of Denpasar, which can be reached by travelling for about 15 minutes.

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