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Maribaya with its waterfall Omas

Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 | Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The stairs on the waterfall Omas. Photo: Private

    Maribaya located in the northern city of Bandung. Her exact located east Lembang. This region once famous for its thermal baths. But that is still well known today is his nature is still beautiful and blend with Juanda Forest Park neighborhood.

To go to here can be from the city of Bandung or it could be from the town of Subang. I purposely took the city of Subang because it's all going to Tangkuban Parahu. This pathway has become an alternative route to Bandung and the scenery left a pretty sight right.

As usual before a trip, I am looking for as much information as possible search first. Good information about its route or facilities of the place we are visiting. It's all so efficient that way.

From the information obtained, either text or images from the internet, Maribaya is a tourist area that was once known for its natural hot springs baths. But currently the best known is the waterfall / waterfall that is in some places in this location. Also the state of an unspoiled by high trees and of course the fresh air.

My family and embark on a journey of Bekasi left at 6 am. With the hope that the morning depart somewhat less congested highways. Previous experience especially long weekend if the weekend when it was already daylight congested traffic flow. Even tended to jam.

This time a trip planned to pass through the toll lanes Cikampek - Cipularang - out in Sadang. From Sadang - Subang - Ciater - Lembang. The line is usually a alternative path to Bandung, other than through the toll Cipularang straight to Bandung. Besides, as to avoid the possibility of jams in Cipularang - this is when I go long weekend - also nice scenery along this path and, more importantly, close to the location where we were headed.

Traveling on the highway Cikampek smoothly. There is little density in some places, but generally smooth. So also in toll Cipularang out in Sadang, traveling smoothly. While the path to Subang Sadang generally smoothly. Only occasionally had to reduce speed because there is no way that narrowed or damaged. Or also because of the way public transportation is rather slow and sometimes stop abruptly.

Want to buy a pineapple at the crossing? photo: private
The trip started exciting as it passes from the city of Subang heading Ciater. The streets were impassable due to bad up and down smoothly. The view on the left and right are also easy on the eyes. Many sellers pineapple hanging in front of the kiosk which is a hallmark of the streets here. Pineapple fruit from Subang, precisely around the shape of the famous street crossing, the water plentiful and sweet.

Smooth streets and up and down like this all the way to the area Ciater. After Ciater smooth roads but also from many climbs are pretty steep and long. Passing cars must be healthy here. If it will not slow when climbing and even machines can overheat (Overheat). Several times seen the car pulled to the curb and ngebul radioatornya.

Even so at this point we are spoiled by the vast expanse of tea plantations on both sides of the road. Many tourist bus from the opposite direction which was parked at the curb. Seen also some group of tourists from abroad who are cool to enjoy green tea gardens and take pictures.

Foreign tourists in the tea gardens Ciater. photo: private

Trip with a lot of uphill and the green expanse of tea gardens have started to decrease. Now it began to change the landscape of trees on both sides of the road. The two buildings also began to appear. This sign is nearing Lembang. I slowed the car and watched the left and right to find a path toward Tangkuban Parahu. I apparently missed, because the road to Tangkuban Parahu that direction Ciater not very clearly visible. Signposts were minimal and covered by the banners and billboards either for what event. Finally decided to go to the first and noon to Maribaya Tangkuban Parahu.

Arriving in Lembang, the fork in the road if there are instructions to take Maribaya road to the left. Written distance of about 4 miles from junction Lembang. I followed the instructions in that direction. The road to the left is getting into the narrowing. Here and there a lot of bumpy roads. At a glance here as a residential street.

Having met the cowboy-style sights, De Ranch , was a straight road. Just follow the road more and more downhill and twisty, but still bumpy. My car yesterday occasional sound kriyet , here more frequently due to its sound through the rocky road. After passing through a rather steep derivatives, later on the right met with a special bus parking. I still hold. Seems like it's almost there in tourist areas Maribaya.

Maribaya second entrance. Photo: Private
We want to go to the counter first, because a bit dense I was directed to the second window. The distance is a few hundred yards away. Meet second counter and paid my admission directly to the car park from the second counter. While it is a bit senior (read: fathers) but loketnya officers serving with friendly.

The parking lot is not a private car park. Only seen 1-2 only. I arrived at the location at about 11 noon. I started looking for clues where the places of interest around here. There is a kind of pointer to the waterfall Omas which is the biggest waterfall in the region this Maribaya. I almost always milihat waterfall Omas this photo while reading information about Maribaya. Then it is well-known waterfall. Actually here is not just any waterfall Omas, I park near there are also some waterfall, although it is rather small. So the less interesting people to see it. I also did not see the waterfall-this waterfall. I want to advance to the waterfall Omas.

From the instructions posted on the tree, Omas waterfall is about 200 meters from where I was parked. I went straight to get there. Through the trail and a little bit uphill. I along with many other visitors who also leads to and from the waterfall Omas this direction.

I am just a little surprised, it turns out if you want to enter the waterfall Omas of Maribaya have to pay a ticket again. I tried to ask the counter clerk why have to pay more, it is not far from Maribaya. Answer because the waterfall Omas enter Forest Park Ir. H. Djuanda. So it had to pay to enter the area. Yes finally I got well to the waterfall Omas.

Road terraces and nanjak. Photo: Private
From the booth Forest Park is the road to the waterfall Omas rather nice. The streets are made of cement staircase and small stones, and on one side was given an iron fence. Besides can to keep from falling to the side, as well as a fence can handle. If somewhat wet slippery roads. Moreover, the path leading to the waterfall slightly uphill and then downhill when approaching the waterfall. So be extra careful not to slip.

The sound of the waterfall is typical louder. And the people who approached the waterfall too many. We seem to coincide with a group of school children from outside the area.

There were several small children and mothers who offered to rent mats. I'm not interested in sitting around. I still want to see the waterfall from various points.

From some one wrote a blog post that the color of the water in the waterfall Omas was cloudy, there was trash and even smells. It said the incident a few years ago. But when I visited fortunately did not experience it. The river water is not very clear, just browned. But no bad odor because of the dirty water. I see trash was too visible. Even looks white when water falls from a height and hit the water below it. It raises the water droplets are soft and blown up.

What is also interesting is this waterfall bridge mounted on it. So that we can see directly the waterfall rushing down the right from it. Sounds good across the bridge, looking down the waterfall from a height. I, too, as well as other visitors to try. New bridge just past the little parts already excited. It occurred with the wood that is always moist decaying fear. Especially when on the sidelines of the wood look down to see the water falls with a swift increasingly making excited. I can not continue to look down and just go slowly to the end of the bridge. Moreover, the bridge feels like a more rocking make excited. The bridge swayed because behind me like a lot of the concurrent entering the bridge. And pantesan just sway, as I reached the end and read the inscription on the iron bridge, was recommended maximum of 5 people while passing through this bridge. Properly visitors follow the advice written on the bridge so that other visitors feel comfortable.

Having reached the end of the bridge I headed downward. There is also provided a bridge to see the waterfall from below. From here the view of the waterfall seen better. Moreover, coupled with a kind of mist slowly rising to the top due to the pounding of the water down, increasingly adding unsightly. But be ready wet if water was pounding and more and more exposed to the wind. Can such local rainfall.

Then we climbed to the top again in a position when it comes. Here too there is a vast lawn and in the middle there is a monument. Somewhat to the top row of the stalls variety of food and beverages. Sometimes it seems as well that was feeding the monkeys. But unfortunately around this field was not provided adequate seating. Happens just could not stretch his legs were already gempor since walked in here and walk around here. Unless want to rent a mat that is from the time had come to offer.

Omas waterfall seen from the bridge. Photo: Private

I tried again to cross the bridge over the waterfall above. This time I tried to the top where there are signposts to goa goa Netherlands and Japan. But unfortunately located far from here, about 5 km. It makes me not try to the caves that. Just try to go up to the top again just look around the forest. The road up here is more uphill than before. Up to make the legs more sore. Up here too many party-going as well. On both sides of this road there is written the name of the tree growing. So you can make the visitors to know the names of trees.

Since it was getting sore feet, we finally returned to the parking lot. A quick break while eating fried tofu hot and bakwan sold near our parking lot. Time shows about 1 pm. And apparently still enough time to go to Tangkuban Parahu.

Actually there are a lot that can still be enjoyed in this Maribaya. Like for example try the hot springs that were once famous. Waterfall-small waterfall that is between the new entrance to the woods Maribaya city. As for my new Juanda Forest visited waterfall Omas. Looks like there is still another waterfall-waterfall and historic caves. Unfortunately the place was too far from Maribaya. Maybe someday I'll kunjuni again from the Dago expert. Hopefully while adventuring on foot through the lush urban forest and fresh air.

Amenities at Maribaya this needs to be fixed, such as a makeshift toilet. The lack of places to sit and hang out, that there is now only open field only. Places to eat and drink that interest to buy it. It may be necessary also held a comfortable so much more interesting for the visitor to Maribaya.

Ticket prices Maribaya
Tickets go person: Rp. 3250
Tickets in the car: Rp. 3000
Car parking tickets: Rp. 800

Ticket prices Juanda Forest Park
Tickets go person: Rp. 7500
Insurance: Rp. 500

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