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Beaches Papuma in jember jawa timur

Written By Rio Gonzales on Sunday, October 28, 2012 | Sunday, October 28, 2012

Karang 50 meter
Beaches Papuma is one unique beaches in Indonesia. Papuma complete list of beaches in Indonesia, which is famous for its beauty. Forms of rock reefs are sometimes not clearly defined sense and can be found on the stunning beach Papuma.
Papuma beach located in the village Lojejer, District Wuluhan, Jember regency, East Java. The string of coral rock in the middle of the sea and of course the main attraction Papuma typical beach. From the town of Jember you have to travel about 45 miles to the south. This beach also has a temperature between 25-32 degrees Celsius.
On the beach there are rocks high Papuma offshore. Because of its height, the reef was named Siti Hinggil (Java language: the highlands). To be able to see the beauty of the sea off the coast of Siti Hinggil Papuma, you can hire a fishing boat. Rock with a height of over 50 meters above sea level you can use to see the sights of attraction Lawa Cave (Javanese: the Bat Cave), which has a depth of more than 30 meters above sea level. Lawa Cave can be reached at low tide. That said, this location is where bertapanya Kyai Mataram.

There are more fascinating than the coral lined, white sand and the panoramic sunset (sunset) further adds to the beauty of the perfect. Do not miss, adacagar natural tropical forests around the beach which is always used for the Fair every 1-10 Shawwal and Float offerings.
As a beach that has a lot of natural beauty and has been run as a tourist spot , beach Papuma is equipped with several supporting facilities for the convenience of visitors. The facility is in the form of amusement parks, camping, souvenirs, food and drink stalls, an office manager, Musala, toilets, and parking. For those who want to stay, there are plenty of hotels that you can rent.

Access to the beach Papuma

The access road to the beach is nice and paved. This beach can travel by car, bike or rent a car with a price of about 150,000, -. Actually, any type of vehicle can pass this way. However, until now the management and development of Papuma impressed done minimally. In fact if only this region is well developed, it is not likely able to bring in revenues that are not small, either for local or Perhutani as owner.
Perhutani recently lost Tangkubah boat as an asset because they can not manage with optimal. Or, for a more professional management of tourist attractions should be privatized first. Can you see, that was a lot of garbage Indrayanti now be nice and neat even say class with Kuta Beach Bali.

Typical Handicraft Promotion Jember

The number of tourists visiting Papuma at least could be a means to introduce the crafts people and food specialties Jember. Medium Perhutani as the manager and owner of type Papuma, will clearly benefit from sales revenue or lodging.
Compared with the adjacent beach Watu Ulo, Papuma has a number of advantages. Among these, the waves on the beach with white sand is not too large to allow a child or visitor can enjoy while playing on the beach. The location is quite extensive (50 acres) and could be used as a leisure tourist. There is also a forest monkeys can add exotica Papuma.

The Other Side of Enchantment Papuma

Peta menuju Pantai Papuma Papuma beauty is not just limited to that. On the other side of the region, there is a stretch of beach with pebbles. At the top of the pebbly beach just above the top of the hill, stood a hut used by visitors to enjoy the vast expanse of the southern sea. It is a pity that so beautiful Papuma potential, but have not worked optimally. 
Noted, of the foreign tourists were a pair of French tourists visiting the beach Papuma and stated that Papuma beach beauties are very exotic. They linger on the outskirts of the floor just to watch the children bathing in the sea. "This beach is very beautiful and cool. I see it a lot on the outskirts of trees and forests. It is very convenient to be enjoyed, "they said.

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