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Waterfall Sedudo in Nganjuk,jawa timur

Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, October 27, 2012 | Saturday, October 27, 2012

Air Terjun Sedudo di Nganjuk Jawa Timur
Waterfalls Sedudo been very popular in the area of East Java. Sesudo waterfall attraction on the slopes of Mount Wilis and is located in the village of Ngliman, District Sawahan, Nganjuk, East Java. Sedudo waterfall panorama has an upstream waterfall located at an altitude of 1438 meters above sea level. Much like a waterfall Grojogan Sewu in Tawangmangu.
Own waterfall slide from a height of 105 meters. From a distance the road to this tourist location looks very beautiful. The cool mountain air of Mount Wilis in adding dots slap waterfall create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere so you feel more relaxed. Just below the water fall, there is a pool that you can use for bathing and even swimming.
On a typical day, the waterfall Sedudo not how crowded. Weekends and public holidays then increased many visitors. However, please note, the visit is in the month of Sura busiest single date. Sura is the first month of Javanese calendar. Each 1 Sura ritual usually held spray. And the funny thing is, the flushing is a statue. This ritual is called Parna Prahista. For some reason in today's still a lot of this kind of superstitious J

The origin Waterfall Sedudo

Historically, it was Niagara Sedudo made ​​by one of the characters named Relatives Pogalan residents. It is the sugar cane farmers who had to swallow disappointment of the rulers of that era. Because of this disappointment, he later became a hermit in the vicinity of sources Sedudo Falls. In his meditation, he intends to drown the city Nganjuk by creating a very large source of water.
Because the sanctity of these Pogalan relatives, some people believe that the source of the waterfall Sedudo, contains several properties, one of them being youthful drug. Scientifically youthful drug efficacy from Niagara Sedudo can be traced.
At the time of the kingdom first, there is a character named Resi Curigonoto deliberately retreated over the waterfall. In exile, the Resi Curigonoto forest intend to make it as a spice garden. Because if you think timberland, could be a very good medium to develop spice who was a staple of the community. Resi Curigonoto Kediri kingdom then asked King to send spice to exile it.
However, not so far from the goal, suddenly carts carrying these spices rolled between source Sedudo waterfall. Then spice it thrives to fulfill to be a source of forest Waterfall Sedudo so that water flowing waterfalls keair Sedudo contains many spices that automatically, this spice can become multi-drug efficacy, one of which is making faces looks clean so it looks younger.

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