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Surfing on the Beach Pesin Sekongkang

Written By Unknown on Monday, January 9, 2012 | Monday, January 09, 2012

   That morning, dozens of foreign surfers were playing in the middle of the waves in the
distance from the beach Pesin, District Sekongkang, West Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara. They took turns waiting for the waves come rolling. Every morning and afternoon for two hours they hunt and glide over the waves surfboard.
There were three waves, namely Scarred Reef (nice choppy, but there are coral reefs to watch out for), Super Suck (very large waves, over three meters) and Yoyo (waves like a yo-yo). These waves are very interested surfers come bustling in the spring tide of the year. ''It was included in the book world surfing. This location is in front of the eye. Not nyari-nyari again,''said an owner of Tropical Beach Hotel there, Yuni White, some time ago.
Thursday, December 22 last, a beach crowded with surfers, of which there Sarault Patrick, 27 years old, from Canada; Valerie Troisemaine, 30 years Caew French origin, and Viktor Schaub, 26 years old from Munich Germany. Each hunt comes to surfing sites that are not too crowded surroundings.

Foto: Supriyantho Khafid untuk Tempo
  Patrick Sarault had two weeks living in Sekongkang. He was staying at Rantung, about five kilometers from the coast of Pesin. He always came surfing here. Enjoying a cold winter holiday season in his country, during the two months he will spend his time in Sumbawa. Previously he played in Uluwatu Bali and Kuta Lombok. ''Always surf,''said the surfer who is surfing for five years here.
Viktor Schaub acknowledged excess Pesin Coast waves. Excellent''waves,''said Viktor. However, he warned that playing in the surf this Pesin must be careful because the waves and rocks around it.

Similarly, a French teacher, Valerie Troisemaine, who came with her boyfriend. Although already 10 years playing surf, but Pesin called big choppy. ''Too fast waves. Pssst. The challenge must be careful,''he said as he moved his hands to simulate waves up and down.
The only hotel, Tropical Beach Hotel, in cooperation with the Portuguese serve Nomad surfing package. There are 28 rooms in there. Initially Tropical Air provide airport runway strip with a length of 950 meters and width of 23 meters over an area of ​​17 hectares. Unfortunately, as more people come through the land, which originally served by Merpati Twin Otter aircraft seating capacity of 18 had long stopped operations.
Nusa Tenggara(Foto:Lonelyplanet)Area Supervisor Tropical Beach Hotel Siska Feronika said guests who come to surf the average stay for seven days even up to two weeks. ''Surfers who come to the three-month overnight,''said Siska, a graduate Diploma in Tourism 3 from the Free University of Malang. At his hotel, the stay to work with Nomad Surf Camps & Resort from Portugal, starting from U.S. $ 190 to $ 220 per day. For a triple room villa U.S. $ 220.
But for those wishing to save costs to stay, can choose cheap lodging outside Pesin Coast region.  
   There was a cost of Rp 50 thousand, Rp 100 thousand or USD 250 thousand.
Along the western and southern coast of West Sumbawa regency has potential as a popular surfing area surfers around the world. Stretch of white sand stretching up to 25-30 kilometers. Surf here entered as a world surfing locations because it has a high difficulty level. Starting from the northern region, namely in Côte Jelenge and Maluk Beach at Subdistrict Jereweh, so in the southern hemisphere is in the Coast and Coast Rantung Pesin. Distance of each location is only 5 kilometers exception Jelenga Beach is located in District Jereweh - about 15 miles - north of Maluku.

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