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Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, January 21, 2012 | Saturday, January 21, 2012

The names of ethnic in Indonesia, as we have seen, Indonesia consists of many thousands of islands, it was of course also affects the culture and mindset of all walks of life throughout the Indonesian archipelago nation. Name of ethnic groups in Indonesia, the Indonesian nation which is renowned as a compound or heterogeneous nation. Our nation Indonesia which has a diverse ethnicity, culture, religion, and customs (traditions). All of which are reflected in everyday life in all walks of life in Indonesia. Where traditional ceremonies, traditional houses, traditional dresses, songs and dances, musical instruments, and traditional foods, which have each different area.
Ethnic Groups in Indonesia, The names of tribes in Indonesia, an area of ​​large and small tribes occurs unevenly, it is caused by many things that we can not avoid. However, a difference that could make Indonesia as a collection of tribes among the areas so that a great nation with a variety of different features and artistry in every area. As we see ethnic Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese, Malay, Bugis, Makassar, Minangkabau, Bali, and Batak. Most of a tribe will live in a specific region within a province in our country. But not always. Javanese, Batak, Bugis, and people Minang for example, many of which migrate to other regions. Here are the names of the composition of ethnic groups in Indonesia and its spread in 33 provinces throughout Indonesia.

Province And Name of Ethnic
1. Livestock Aceh, Gayo, Alas, Kluet, Tamiang, Singkil, Son Jame, Simeleuw, and the Island
2. Karo Batak of North Sumatra, Simalungun Batak, Batak Fakfak, Angkola Batak, Batak Toba, Malay, Nias, Batak Mandailing, and Maya-maya
3. Minangkabau of West Sumatra, Malay, and Mentawai, Cape Kato, Panyali, Caniago, Sikumbang, and Gusci

4. Riau Malay, Akit, Talang Mamak, Orangutans Bonai, Sakai, and Sea, and Bunoi
5. Riau Malay Archipelago, Siak, and Sakai
6. Inner Jambi, Kerinci, penghulu, Pedah, Malay, Jambi, Kubu, and Bajau
7. Muko-Muko Bengkulu, Pekal, Serawai, Pasemah, Enggano, Kaur, Rejang, and Lembak
8. South Sumatra Malay, Kikim, related by marriage, Komering, Pasemah, Latitude, Pegagah, Rawas, checkmate Rambang, Lembak, Kubu, Ogan, Penesek Gumay, Panukal, Bilida, Musi, Rejang, and Ranau
9. Coastal Lampung, Pubian, Sungkai, related by marriage, white, bone Onions, Krui Abung, and Pasemah
10. Bangka Bangka Islands, Malay and Chinese
11. Bantam Baduy, Sundanese, and Bantam
12. Betawi Jakarta
13. Sundanese of West Java
14. Java Central Java, Karimun and Samin
15.D.I. Yogyakarta, Java
16. Java, East Java, Madura, Tengger, and Osing
17. Bali Bali Aga and Bali Majapahit
18. Bali Nusa Tenggara, Sasak, Samawa, Eye, Dongo, Kore, Mbojo, Dompu, Tarlawi, and Sumba
19. East Nusa Tenggara Sabu, Sumba, Rote, Kedang, Helong, Dawan, Tatum, Melus, Bima, Alor, Lie, prosperity, Lamaholot, Sikka, Manggarai, Krowe, Ende, Bajawa, nage, Riung, and Flores
20. Kayau West Kalimantan, Ulu Aer, Mbaluh, Manyuke, Skadau, Malay-Pontianak, Punau, Ngaju, and Mbaluh
21. Kapuas Central Kalimantan, Ot Danum, Ngaju, Lawangan, Hamlet, Maanyan, and Katingan
22. Ngaju South Kalimantan, Sea, Maamyan, Hill, Hamlet, Deyah, Balangan, Aba, Malay, Banjar, and Dayak
23. Ngaju East Kalimantan, Otdanum, Apokayan, Punan, Murut, Dayak, Kutai, Kayan, Punan, and Bugis
24. Mandar South Sulawesi, Bugis, Toraja, Sa'dan, Bugis and Makassar
25.Mapute Southeast Sulawesi, Mekongga, Landawe, Tolaiwiw, Tolaki, Kabaina, Butung, Muna, Bungku, Buton, Muna, Wolio, and Bugis
26. Mandar West Sulawesi, Mamuju, Bugis, and Mamasa
27. Central Sulawesi Buol, Toli-toli, Tomini, Dompelas, Kaili, Kulawi, Lore, Pamona, Suluan, Mori, Bungku, Balantak, Banggai, and Balatar
28. Gorontalo Gorontalo
29. Minahasa of North Sulawesi, Bolaang Mongondow, Sangiher Talaud, Gorontalo, Sangir, Ternate, Togite, Morotai, Loda, Halmahera, Tidore, and Obi
30. Buru Moluccas, Banda, Ceram, Kei, and Ambon
31.North Maluku Halmahera, Obi, Morotai, Ternate, and Bacan
32.West Papua Mey Brat, Arfak, Asmat, Dani, and Sentani
33. Papua Sentani, Dani, Amungme, Nimboran, Jagai, Asmat, and Tobati
Similarly, a list of the names of ethnic groups in Indonesia, may be useful for searching for the name of ethnic groups in Indonesia. trima love

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