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Visit West Papua

Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, May 19, 2012 | Saturday, May 19, 2012

West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya Barat) is a province of Indonesia which is located in the western part of Papua Island. The capital is Manokwari. This province has a tremendous potential, whether it is agriculture, mining, forestry and tourism. Pearl and seaweed produced in Raja Ampat, while only the traditional industries called ikat fabric produced in the East South Sorong regency. Fragrant nutmeg syrup can be obtained in the district of Fak-Fak and a variety of other potentials. In addition, nature tourism is also one of the mainstay of West Irian Jaya, such as Paradise Bay National Park, located in the Gulf Wondama district.
Besides, recently, discovered a cave that is claimed as the world's deepest cave by a French expedition team speologi Lina Mountains region, Kampong Irameba, Anggi district, Manokwari District. This cave is estimated to reach a depth of 2000 meters. Mountainous area of West Papua's natural wealth still holds mysteries that need to be revealed.

Tourism Objects
1. Triton Bay

Location: Kabupaten Kaimana, West Papua Province
Distinctive Features: Natural beauty and underwater paradise known as the underwater Cultural heritage, landscape the site of ancient paintings on the barrier reef. Rare sight in the form of attractions around the waters of the giant m Triton Bay offers the beauty of the underwater extraordinary. This Gulf of storing natural wealth in the form of fish and coral reef diversity. In this area there are 937 species of fish, where 14-16 of them are new species. In addition, there are also 492 species of coral.

Access: From Kaimana district, visitors can travel to the Triton Bay using speed boat owned by local government or longboat . The journey takes about 45 minutes, depending on the weather.

Accomodation: In Triton Bay area, there are three custom-based resorts which is quite unique because everything is made of wood.

2. Raja Ampat Waters

Location: Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province

Distinctive Features: The vast area of Raja Ampat Waters allows the divers to choose different diving spots. You can dive around Kri isle to enjoy the beautiful coral and many kinds of attractive fishes, such as the famous Queensland gouper, kuwe fish, scout fish, goupers, coral shark, tuna, napoleon wrasse, barracuda, and giant trevally. There are many more diving spot that are worth trying such as in The Passage, Fam isle, and Misool isle. In addition to the natural undersea resources, you can also enjoy observing closely the remains of the ships and airplanes from the World War II wrecked in the waters. It is incomplete coming to Raja Ampat if you only enjoy the undersea and miss another magnificent panorama this area offers: the land. There are lagoons, coves, sand spreading out along the beaches, and refreshing blue sea water waiting for you to enjoy.

Access: If you want to visit Raja Ampat, you can depart from Jakarta or other big cities to Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, West Papua. The flight from Jakarta to Sorong usually transit in Makassar or Manado. From Domine Eduard Osok Airport, you can reach Raja Ampat by fast boat which has capacity of 10 people. It takes 3-4 hours to reach Raja Ampat Waters.

Accomodation: There are some resorts in Raja Ampat area with sufficient facilities in Kri isle, Waigeo isle, Mansuar isle, an Misol isle. Some resorts are quite expensive because they proviide more facilities. However, if your budget is low, you don’t have to be worry because you can choose government’s resort which is more cheaper.

3. Mansinam Island

Location: Doreh Bay, south of the town of Manokwari.

Distinctive Features: There are many historical relics related to the introduction of Christianity in the island mansinam. Once entering mansinam island, visitors will be greeted with a memorial inscription of the cross with a height of several meters. There's also an old well made by Ottow and Geissler. Water from these wells are often used to baptize. In this island, visitors can swim atauppun boating. If you want a more challenging, visitors will be able to do snorkeling.

Access: From the Manokwari district, visitors can cross to the Mansinam Island via the Kwawi coast using traditional boat or Longboat. This crossing takes about 10-15 minutes.

Accomodation: On this island there is a comfortable hotel with views overlooking the beach.

4. Lorentz National Park

Location: This area covers three districts, namely Jayawijaya, Paniai, and Merauke. Whereas in the western part of this region is part of the Fak-Fak regency.

Distinctive Features: Besides having a diversity of flora, in this region there are also 42 species of mammals, including kangaroos, porcupines Irian, water rats, wallabies and brown and spotted possum. In addition, this region is also inhabited by 45 species of birds, one of which is paradise.
In the Lorentz National Park there are glaciers in the mountains Jayawijaya. Jayawijaya mountains surrounding the area there are three large lakes, ie lakes Larson, dyscovery lakes, and lakes hoguyugu.
Tourists not only enjoy the natural beauty, but can also enjoy cultural tourism. In this area there are Nduga tribe, the tribe of western dani, Asmat tribe, the tribe sempan, and Amungme.

Access: Visitors can use the aircraft pioneers from the northern town of Timika to Lorentz National Park is located in the district of Paniai. In addition, visitors can also fly to the southern part precisely to Merauke. From there, visitors can use a ship through the port and proceed with Sawa Erma path to several locations.

Accomodation: In the Lorentz National Park is not yet available accommodation and facilities that support. Travellers are advised to bring appropriate camping gear. In addition, visitors are also encouraged to utilize the facilities provided by nature to rest, such as caves, plains, lakes, etc.

Culinary Tourism
1. Ikan Kuah Kuning

2. Ikan Bakar Manokwari

3. Aunu Senebre

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