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Vision Pool Bandung

Written By Rio Gonzales on Monday, January 7, 2013 | Monday, January 07, 2013

Bandung tourist attractions as well as interesting and complete, it also provides a variety of other entertainment venues derivation to support tourism activities conducted by its visitors. There are plenty of interesting attractions to suit Your wants and desires when it arrived in Bandung, whether with nature tourism, culinary tourism, shopping, travel or entertainment such as movies, playing billiard and others.

Many circles that says that it is most cozy do when in Bandung — especially if you are young-at-heart are all curious and curious — is enjoying the night life. Of course instead of just going to the club night for partying and dancing, but you can also go to places that are more fun to all can exercise: a billiard or bowling. If you like billiard, Bandung has a place to play sports this one i.e. Vision Billiard.

It turns out this Vision not only Billiard table to play billiard, melaiankan denngan also features a café and lounge. Vision Billiard is ideal place to stage a game of billiard with friends or close friends, while Talkback lightweight ala young children. For those of you who are berdoku limited, do not worry because Vision Billiard offers super-duper cheap, i.e. only Rp 2,000 for 8 feet of table. As for the 9 feet of table you just paid him with $ 18,000.

Vision Billiard is indeed very understand the desires of its visitors who are in need of entertainment but affordable cost. Here there is also a music box and also the game box. So, for those of you who cannot or are not in the mood to play billiard game playing can box with the price of Rp 500. So, wait for what else to immediately pay a visit to this Billiard Vision?


Vision the Pool is on the road Of Dalem No. 132F, Bandung-Indonesia.
Tel: 022-4232272
Open hours: 11.00-02.00
Tariff: Idr 2,000 – 18,000

Happy Playing!

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