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Way Kambas National Park

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    Way Kambas National Park is located in District administrative Way Jepara, Labuan Meringgai, Sukadana, Purbolinggo, thatched and white as Surabaya, Central Lampung regency, Lampung.
Potential Flora
Way Kambas National Park is representative of lowland forest ecosystem consisting of freshwater swamp forest, meadow alang-alang/semak shrub, and coastal forests in Sumatra. This area is composed of freshwater swamp forest, meadow and forest groves alang-alang/semak brackish / beach to the type of flora are: Api-api (Avicenia marina), Pidada (Sonneratia sp.), Nipah (Nypa fructicans), Gelam (Melaleuca leucadendron), Salam (Eugenia polyantha), Rawang (Glocchidion boornensis), Ketapang (Terminalia cattapa), Sea Pines (Casuarina equisetifolia), Pandan (Pandanus sp.), Puspa (Schima walichii), Meranti (Shorea sp.), Oil ( Diptorecapus gracilis), Merbau (Instsia sp.) Pulai (Alstonia angustiloba), Bayur (Pterospermum javanicum), keruing (Dipterocarpus sp.), Laban (Vitex pubescens) and others.
Potential Fauna
Way Kambas National Park is a habitat for Sumatran rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus), tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), Tapir (Tapirus indicus), Bear honey (Helarctos malayanus), Coyote (Cuon alpinus), Deer ( Cervus unicolor), forest Chicken (Gallus Gallus), hornbills (Buceros sp.), gibbons (Hylobates moloch), Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), Siamang (Hylobates syndactylus), Forest Duck (Cairina scutulata), Pecuk Snake Bird (Anhinga melanogaster ) and so on.
Tourism Potential

Locations / attractions:
The best visiting season in July to September. Some locations / attractions to visit include:
Elephant Training Center (PLG) Karangsari
Wild elephants are trained at the Elephant Training Center (ETC) is located 9 km from the gate Ijo signpost was founded in 1985 and has produced about 290 trained elephants. The elephants can be used as elephant riding, attractions, transport timber and plow the fields. At the Elephant Training Center can be seen Coach and educate and train wild elephants, elephants see the attraction is very unusual (playing ball, dancing, shaking hands, respectful, draping flower, tug of war, swimming and many other attractions).
Way Kambas, for camping activities.
Right Way, for research activities and captive Sumatran rhino with a natural laboratory facilities and guest house of researchers.
Blue Kali Swamp, Swamp Elephants, and Kuala Kambas, to scour the river Right Way activities, observation of wildlife (ducks forests, egrets, deer, migratory birds), pdang grass and mangrove forests.
Ways Achievement Locations

* Bandarlampung - Metro - Way Jepara (112 km), using a car + 2 hours.
* Branti - Metro - Way Jepara (100 km), using a car + 1:30 hours.
* Bakauheni - Length - Sribawono - Way Jepara (170 Km), + 3 hours by car.
* Bakauheni - Labuan Meringgai - Way Kambas, using a car + 2 hours.
* Way Jepara - Elephant Training Center, using a car + 20 minutes.
* Jakarta - Labuan Meringgai (motor vessel) followed by ground vehicles to Way Jepara + 45 minutes.
Other InformationOffice Address:Jl. Kingdom Way Jepara, Labuan queen Lama, Lampung, Tel. (0725) 44220.

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