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4 locations Surfing Indonesian

Written By Unknown on Monday, January 9, 2012 | Monday, January 09, 2012

    Many of the resorts that offer exciting entertainment agenda. But for you who want to spend the holiday year-end in nature, also have many options. For example, surfing, or learn to surf.

     Then where the beach has good waves for surfers beginners and professionals, Lonely Planet has the answer. And do not worry you have to spend a lot. Because the recommended locations are still in Indonesia, some even close to Jakarta.
This beach has good waves

Asian Beach Games 
(ABG) di Kuta, Bali, Sabtu (18/10). [TEMPO/ Nickmatulhuda]1. Bali
   Surely Bali is where the most sought by tourists, especially surfers. In Bali, you will find many beaches to surf, especially in the Kuta area. If you have never been surfing, no need to fear, because many are open in Bali surfing schools. In addition, soft sand beaches that are also comfortable to rest or just sitting around.

   If you get bored with Kuta, you can try to come to the beach in the village of Padang-padang Pecatu. According to Lonely Planet, the surf at Padang-padang beach is the best in the world. So also with its natural beauty.

Pantai Senggigi 
Lombok/TEMPO/Dimas Aryo2. Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
   It has often been to Bali? You can visit Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. In the south of Lombok, you can find beach Dondon, in the Gulf Gerupuk. In addition to the beach with white sand and sparkling blue sea water, beach Dondon also has a friendly wave and not too high. Suitable for novice surfers.

But for professional surfers, the beach or Bangko-Bangko Desert Point you will find challenging waves. Even in a while, the waves which come to form a circle like a tube up to 20 seconds.

Basuki3. Java
   In Java, there are two famous beach good waves. First is the Coast Grajan, Banyuwangi, East Java. Among surfers, Grajan better known as G-Land. His position directly overlooking the Indian Ocean makes waves Grajan come constantly. Form of long waves makes Grajan perfect for surfers.

   The second beach which can be visited are the Batu Karas, Ciamis, West Java, not far from the beach Pangandaran. Waves at Batu Karas could be categorized as friendly to surfers. But for professionals, the waves are less challenging Batu Karas. Therefore Batu Karas good for the beginner.

Pantai di Pulau 
Nias, Sumatera Utara. TEMPO/Wahyu Setiawan4. Sumatra
   Just like the previous island, Sumatra has two of the best beaches for surfing. The first beach on the island of Nias. Many surfers consider waves on the beach Nias fall into that category perfectly. After the 2004 Tsunami disaster, the height of the waves in Nias rises one meter from the previous, and his coming so much faster.

   The second beach is in the Mentawai Islands. Just like Nias, Mentawai waves charming gives surfers. Even the existence of extraordinarily interesting that waves make Mentawai regarded as the home of the surfers. To come there, surfers can rent a boat or ride a fishing boat.

So, where you select the surfing beach this time? Whatever your choice, safe surfing.

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