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Tasteful Culinary of Indonesia

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 | Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Having tired of driving from the Green Canyon, we arrived at Batu Karas Beach, our next trip destination.  

With stomach feels hungry, we went to one of food stalls which is recommended by many bloggers who visit the Batu Karas Beach, named Kang Ayi restaurant.  

Kang Ayi Restaurant located in the right side of Batu Karas Beach before the parking area. 

Menu food offered here is very complete ranging from local indonesian menu, seafood menu to European menus

It does not fit into the beach when not enjoying the seafood menu. 

Our choice fell on Shrimp Sauce Padang, Cah Watercress, grilled bawal "pomfret" fish, boiled potatoes cheese and cold drinks.

Guests restaurant quite a lot so need to wait a little longer to make the ordered dishes ready to serve and eat.

Ordered food came, it looks the shrimp is fresh and large enough size accompanied with red spicy tasty sauce so appetite to eat.


Grilled bawal "pomfret" fish feels so tempting especially accompanied by sambal chili sauce and rice is warm, ouuhhh...really yummy.

Without any delay, we eat and enjoy the foods. Accompanied by the beach and a gentle breeze our lunch was truly sensational.


Flavor sweet and savory spices shrimp sauce really fit on the tongue, accompanied by a tasty Cah watercress "kangkung" is a harmonious blend with a warming rice.

After we eat all ordered menus, we went to the counter to make payment and continue the next activity, exploring the beach and water play in Batu Karas beach.

The atmosphere of the beach, beach sports and the menu is tasty and delicious seafood is a harmonious blend. Sensational and truly unforgettable.

If you visit to Batu Karas Beach, do not forget to order and enjoy the seafood menu...

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