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Gerupuk Beach in NTB

Written By Rio Gonzales on Thursday, January 10, 2013 | Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gerupuk Beach in NTB
Indonesia is known to have a beach with the waves that are spoiling the surfer. One of them is the beach Gerupuk, NTB. The roll of waves is ready to create the sensation of fun surfing! Indonesia Tourism

The beach is a beach in Gerupuk East of Kuta Beach, Lombok. This coast has the scenery nothing short of pulling it with the famous beaches in Indonesia. Indonesia Tourism

In addition, the beach is also known as Gerupuk surf your favorite local tourists and foreign tourists. Waves on the beach as if there was no stopping spoil the surfer. Indonesia Tourism
Uniquely, the beach has waves Gerupuk with different levels. Tourists will be escorted by guides to the desired spot to surf using a boat. Indonesia Tourism

For those who are beginners, it is recommended to arrive to the Point of the Turtle. This place is a commonly used spot for tourists who are just learning to surf. Indonesia Tourism
At first it's hard to be able to stand on a surfboard. However, the exciting sensation you can get when you get to conquer the waves. Guaranteed, you'll be hooked and want to repeat it several times. Indonesia Tourism

Happy surfing, tired already is sure to be felt. You can rest under the trees while enjoying views of the beach. Ordering food or drinks while enjoying a sunset looks like it could be your tired repellent. Indonesia Tourism

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