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Bandengan Beach in Central Java

Written By Rio Gonzales on Friday, January 18, 2013 | Friday, January 18, 2013

In addition to the historical town of Jepara in which r.a. Kartini was born turns out also keeps the charm of its natural beauty. And still relating to Sunan Muria dakwahnya spread islam in Java. Pantai Bandengan Jepara including famous tourist attractions. It is located in the village of Bandengan Jepara, Jepara subdistrict, Regency, Central Java. Bandengan Beach completes the list of tourist destinations on the North coast of Java island.

Bandengan itself is the name of the granting of Sunan Muria. Then when about to cross to Karimun Jawa, found a lot of fish on the beach and Bandengan named Bandengan Beach. This beach has also become a favorite tourist attractions Raden Kartini at that time along with several counts of Netherlands.

Bandengan beach belongs to the lush with trees. There you can find lush shrubs and pandanus trees high. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and of course keep you entranced. Its base is of ramps so it is very suitable for a swim Beach attractions and beach volleyball. Bandengan Beach has another name i.e. the Beach Ocean Water.

Besides the charm of white sands, crystal clear seawater, and the green of the trees that make you satisfied there's more other attractions the island in the middle of the sea. The island was renamed Long Island. Many of the island's flora and fauna can be found. For to Long Island, you can menyesa the boat or ship. Enough with the Rp 5,000,-to surround and Idr 10.000,-to cross into long beach.

Bandengan Beach if you visit at dusk, will certainly enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunset. This very romantic moment for family or photograph with colleagues. Wonderful sunset will be more complete with dine in restaurants along the beach. There is a restaurant that offers pizza, seafood, and other culinary specialties of Jepara.
Bandengan beach facilities

As many tourist attractions visited by tourists, bandengan already equipped with various public facilities such as shelter (temporary resting place in a coastal location), ship tours, a small mosque, toliet and a public bath, a mini market, motel/lodging houses, cinemas, (which you can buy special food such as shellfish stew, blue, fish, boiled and roasted, srani), and others.

For you who like the challenge of water games, can try Banana Boat ride. Enough with the hiring of Rp 75,000, you can test your adrenaline on the banana boat. In addition, there is also jet ski rentals, atv, and a canoe for one or two people. Water play is finished, you can go get cleaned up in the bathroom that has been provided.
Bandengan Beach access

As the famous tourist attractions, it is not hard to find transport to the beach bandengan. Pemda Jepara Regency already provides a variety of means of the road and the choice of mode of transportation. From anywhere such as Semarang, Demak, Kudus, Purwodadi, or more simply headed to the bus terminal of Jepara. From the bus terminal, there are already direct public transport to the beach Bandengan cost about Rp 5,000,-. In addition to Jepara Bandengan Beach to visit, you can also have a look at a typical of Jepara carving which has been renowned throughout Indonesia and the world.

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