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Waterfall Tiu Kelep Lombok

Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, January 19, 2013 | Saturday, January 19, 2013

Waterfall Tiu Kelep LombokAfter the happy feeling of freshness Sendang Gile waterfall. Now start you feel the beauty of the waterfalls Tiu Kelep.
Shocking news comes from one of them solo waterfall Tiu Kelep. Tourists outside the area named Roberto Guindolin, the origin of Trevisio, Italy explains very satisfied feeling the beauty of waterfalls Tiu Kelep. He compares this dish with a beautiful natural waterfall in Terni Perugia, Italy.
Footpaths and large volcanic rock decorated also of very large trees is really very unfortunate if not widely diffused. Very many visitors feel the natural panorama ni is the background to take photographs of cheerful with friends, family and even my beloved girlfriend. In addition, visitors and can be down the river that was filled with large rocks also crystal clear water that can be drunk directly.

Feeling tired of the consequences up and down a small hill about 35 m has been paid off when both eyes fixed in the water as a drink that has been around in plain sight. In the language of the native language of the tribe, Sasak Lombok, Tiu means a whirl. While the water overflow Kelep means the longer will disappear. Same with his name, in contrast to sendang Gile waterfall is a very large water so that tourists do not swim in under it. In waterfall Tiu Kelep is sandstone cliffs which helps, so that tourists can safely swim to enjoy clean fresh air.
Yet after its path to waterfall Tiu Kelep and beautiful waterfalls Tiu Kelep. most visitors also would be surprised, because the reflection of water on the stones will make you feel "light under water. Waterfall Tiu Kelep makin really showed his charm as the reflection of the water causes the water moans membiaskan sunlight ultimately formed a colorful Rainbow.
Guess amazed not just stop at there. On the way home, all travelers are able to pass through the irrigation channels that were made by the Chairman of the Sasak people around also. The Hall is as high as 2 m, a width of approximately 1 m and a length of 200 metres it gained the number one function to launch the water from Tiu Kelep to hundreds of acres community garden village of Senaru.
Serasa in fairyland, that is expressed by all visitors. Panorama of nature that it would leave the memories alone Dou's visitors. Not very many visitors have returned to enjoy coolness as well as the charm of the beauty of the foothills of Mount Rinjani.

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