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Barelang Bridges In Batam

Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 | Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Barelang is the abbreviation of Batam, Rempang, and Galang; Barelang Bridge (Jembatan Barelang) in the area or rather in the Riau Islands of Batam, Indonesia. This bridge across the South China Sea and connecting about some islands in Batam area. 

Name of islands connected by Barelang Bridge are : Batam, Tonton, Nipah, Setokok, Rempang, Galang and Galang Baru (New Galang). Three large islands, namely: Batam, Rempang, and Galang eccentric and later became the name of the bridge. Previously, the bridge known as the Bridge of Habibie, because of construction at the initiative of Prof. B.J. Habibie, during he has the authority to fix the island of Batam. Overall length of the Barelang Bridge approximately: 2264 meters.

Barelang Bridge was built in 1992 for about 6 years, and completed in 1998. Barelang bridge construction cost an estimated Rp. 400 Billion, with construction of the Otorita Batam development budget. Barelang Bridge was built as much as 6 parts. and every section connects two islands; details are as follows (ordered from Batam Island):

1). 1st bridge is called the Bridge of Tengku Fisabilillah length of about: 642 meters, connecting the Batam island to Tonton Island, a major bridge with construction types using “Cable-Stayed Bridges.”
2). 2nd bridge is called Nara Singa Bridge length of about: 420 meters, connecting the Tonton island with Nipah island.
3). 3rd bridge is called the Bridge of Raja Ali Haji length of about: 270 meters, connecting the Setokok island with Nipah island.
4). 4th bridge called the Bridge of Sultan Zainal Abidin length of about: 365 meters; connecting the Setokok island with the Rempang island.
5). 5th bridge named Bridge Bridge Tuanku Tambusai length of about: 365 meters; connecting the Rempang with Galang island.
6). 6th bridge is called the Bridge of Raja Kecik length of about: 180 meters, connecting the Galang island with the Galang Baru (New Galang) island.

The each name is enshrinedbridge part of the name of King Riau Malay antiquity, with the aim that the Indonesian people to know. However, people prefer to call; Barelang Bridge, it may be easier. Barelang Bridge is also one of the famous tourist attraction and favorite in Batam, because the bridge is often used as icon of Batam. 

In the emblem of Batam, Barelang Bridge to be an icon (actually 1st brige), defined a symbol as Batam development activities that bridge the progress of trade, industry, tourism and over the ship. Almost every package tour Batam will be accompanied by a visit to Barelang Bridge.

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