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Rani Island

Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 | Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One more beautiful exotic island are still in the Raja Ampat island clusters, These has a sparkling clear sea water with a beautiful stretch of sand. The blue sky, turquoise sea,white sand and clean is the composition of God's creation are perfect for Indonesia.

Apart Wayag Islands, there is one more island in Raja Ampat are guaranteed to make you spellbound. The name of the island is similar to the name of person, Rani. The island was quite hidden, so it not everyone knows about whereabouts.
Many people who have come to Raja Ampat said "Wayag is a haven the Kings". So who deserves the title carried Rani is the queen's throne.

Intrigued by the Rani island? Allow the stopover when you going to Wayag because Rani island indeed located not far than Wayag, Raja Ampat icon. Its beauty was no less with the Raja Ampat island's mainstay.

Before entering the Rani island, you are invited into a small bay, location of the island. Slowly but surely, you will see the blue sea that originally turned turquoise.

White sand began to appear. Hedge of green trees surround the small beach. Some palm trees waving their leaves appear adorned the shore, like welcomed the arrival every traveler who comes and says, "Welcome to the Island Rani". Absolutely perfect natural beauty.

Rani island indeed very special with superb views. Limitless blue sky and away than pollution. The beach was so quiet, calm and serene with white sand. Suitable for those who want to relax and linger to enjoy the natural beauty.

Looking towards the high seas, you will be greeted with a cluster coral islands covered with green hedge trees. Sea water is so clear, it was so crystal clear you can see the underwater life without diving.

Do not until there the beauty of Rani island, you still will be presented with views of seagulls than altitude. Sounds the bird chirping behind the hedge trees. Inhale deeply and breathe fresh air in there.

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