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Written By Unknown on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 | Tuesday, February 07, 2012

      Throughout Indonesia, there is only one beach to watch the sunrise and sunset the same stand on one point. "The beach was the beach Losari, location", so Kalla said one community leader there told me he was proud of the beach, a while ago. I was initially confused by this fact. The position of the beach that extends North-South can indeed be seen rising and setting of the sun in one position. Indeed unique.

Apart from that, Losari beach is one of the most rehearsal and nice beaches I've been to all over Indonesia, and another great beach is right in the heart of the city. Compare with some of the beach town of big cities in Java, most top Losari clear: waste-free and comfortable visit. As I write this I imagine the smell and kroditnya situation in Jakarta Tanjung Priok, Perak in Surabaya or port. Not surprisingly, the first Queen Elizabeth of England when they travel to Jakarta (80's era) he did not want to get
out of the car on arrival at Tanjung Priok because he was so shocked by the smell and amburadulnya dipelabuhan situation. He thought, Tanjung Priok as beautiful as Hong Kong harbor. This incident became an "incident of protocol" which is a shame, but that face the harbor in Jakarta.
Losari beach is very strategic position and became an integral part of the atmosphere of the city of Napier that stretches as far as approximately 4 miles. The beach is directly accessible to main roads main protocol. Hotel across the street grew with the various classes. Call it a name of the hotel is located very close to the shoreline al: Hotel MGM, Losari Beach Hotel, Quality Hotel, Hotel Aryadutta, and the Hotel Aston. For mid-budget traveler, you can choose Losari Beach Hotel, or rather go a little into the streets Joseph Latumahina, there is a small, cozy hotel that is Hotel Canary. I myself like the Quality Hotel or Hotel Losari Beach because of its location right, and the price is not exorbitant.

The most ideal time to visit is late afternoon Losari beach between the hours of 15:00 until 21:00 hours. Many
who come here to sit down sit down to enjoy clean beaches, jogging along the pedestrian as far as 500m, or eat diwarung stalls have been relocated by the local government (the southernmost tip of the beach). Young and old will come here to enjoy the sunset while membelu food from vendors. If you like jogging, this place is ideal. Clean air and the wind blows incessantly, sweeping golden sun the red man who sat face the beach.

Merchants sell various snack foods ranging from mild stomach just a prop such as meatballs or fried. There are also traditional foods such as Coto Makassar or seafood dishes with the original recipes of Bugis. It was delicious!
The atmosphere is very orderly and safe, I feel comfortable here. But there is one that I complain about that: buskers. They ngeyel, can not be rejected for not singing. So any kind of compulsion to listen to them sing, and likes to quip if the forces were not given money. They were not just singing alone, but comes with the same group of friends together to sing a tone (sorry, yes) is not good. Convenience of the beach is reduced because only minus one point because of the presence of singers who do not know the rules and play of this force. It's good government and the authorities do counseling for convenience in Losari not tainted because of this kind because of hordes of singers.

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