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Javanese Culture Sekaten

Written By Rio Gonzales on Friday, January 6, 2012 | Friday, January 06, 2012

Sekaten Sekati derived from the word, or the night market are wont to do before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and is done in the usual environment in the royal palace as both solo and in the palace of Yogyakarta, after the religious meaning it has a lot of sense if we can look at it in depth the meaning of . Currently sekaten only considered as a vehicle of entertainment for the little people by the rulers as well as ways memdapat blessing of the ruler with the scrambling in the event gunungan.Namun, basically both meanings are true only sometimes our lack of understanding within the meaning of the two senses.Here I will describe the meaning according to who I am more than that:

Sekaten is a vehicle of entertainment for the people, because there are a variety of entertainment is cheap and affordable for all walks of life. Besides variety of entertainment as well as various
Sekaten can foster harmonious families. Stand a diverse and can also be enjoyed by various groups will make a lot of families that had been rarely out of the house to go out for recreation and in sekaten they can interact with each other in the family will be what they want each one, so the family came to know What will members of his family. this can make families become more harmonious.
Sekaten as a venue for socializing among the people, both young and old. Stand a diverse and often visited ultimately can make people who had not known each other become familiar with each other. Thus, the person will get a lot of friends and a variety of properties and regions of origin, because we know sekaten can not you people coming from out of town though.
Sekaten a sign of gratitude. In sekaten held a mountain division of the ruler to the people. This is in addition to being a symbol that the authorities also pay attention to the people, as well as a symbol that the authorities are grateful for the people who always support good governance in the form of praise or criticism.
However, I think overall, there is a core sekaten show itself at the height of the mountains when issued, gamelan sounded and when Prophet Muhammad 's (the birth of Prophet Muhammad).Sekaten as a sign of prosperity. This can be in the review of the components and the mountains are made of sekaten origin of the word itself. Sekaten itself Sekati sebenranya of words, according to Big Indonesian Dictionary, Kati it means the size of weights 6.25 ounces and measures commonly used to measure the rice when going in the cookbook. In the past people when buying rice by measuring wear this size is half a coconut shell. If we look deeper, Sekati means one catty or 6.25 ounces, and if cooking rice as much as 6.25 ounces of rice that means it can meet the needs of one family living in a single day. Thus the family is not short. Apart from Sekati words, the components of the mountains also vary and usually are the materials of daily necessities. Materials daily needs or food that is also one of life support and prosperity in a family. In addition to basic food there is also a board or wood and cloth is also taken, the two materials are representative of the clothing and shelter needed by every human being.

At the time of the mountains also issued sekaten or gamelan gamelan sounded Sekati. Gamelan is a musical art and other art represented. This means that in addition to food, clothing and shelter, are also considered to be prosperous if people can enjoy or have a sense of art, one art of music. Not only that, the Prophet Muhammad 's Day is a time when the mountains were issued, this means that everything is not going to have prosperity if we do not know a religion and the God who gave everything for us.Thus, in my opinion the rulers and ancient view that a prosperity that is created when the elements of Food, Clothing, Board, Art and Spiritual fulfilled and in a state of balance. This balance can be taken from the word Sekati because with rice Sekati one family can do various jobs on a single day.

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