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Bunaken Marine Park

Written By Unknown on Thursday, December 22, 2011 | Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bunaken Marine Park as a marine tourist attraction, often said to be a paradise under the sea. This is because the beauty under the sea in North Sulawesi province and not only known by local tourists only. However, the name of Bunaken has expanded to foreign tourists or better known by foreign tourists as one of the most beautiful marine parks in the world that is rich in diversity of shapes and colors of coral reefs and marine life and fish species.Bunaken Island is an island which has a 8.08 km wide, is still part of the city of Manado. Wide gamut of Bunaken Marine National Park, reaching 75,265 hectares and inside there are 5 (five) islands namely; Manado Tua, Bunaken, Siladen, Mantehage and Naen.Marine tourism is a special interest tours, it is growing rapidly at this time given the high of the tourists who come to enjoy and benefit the Government.Besides known for its beautiful underwater, diving Bunaken is also famous as the place of the 10 famous dive spot in the world. Has 20 points for the dive and the depth that varies up to a depth of 1344 meters.Bunaken Marine Park is among 10 world's most popular diving spot. Surrounding Bunaken Island there are 12 diving points. This point is often visited by foreign tourists into the coolest place to dive with underwater beauty, because there is a steep decline in reef walls and into the food of the fish, caves and indentations which is amazing.Rental of diving equipment and snorkeling are available here, so it does not necessarily have to buy in advance to enjoy the underwater scenery. The dive instructor was very very friendly to accompany us during the tour. By using our motor boat "EXPLORE INDONESIA" start looking for new experiences in this place. In the bottom of the boat there is a glass, this glass during perjalanan.melalui we see the shape of coral reefs and many fish behind the colorful water so clear, so clear the underwater beauty in the garden Bunaken. We were sad when the trip in to see the coral reefs terubu-broken and there is also a hapir out of shape, all because of the hands of ignorant people too who want to destroy and confiscate the wealth and beauty beneath the sea. It takes a very long time that coral reefs were utmbuh back. We all hope the Government can take action against all that. In addition to the underwater scenery, waves that slammed and complement the enchanting beauty of the mountain scenery during this trip.Approximately 35 minutes, we finally arrived at a point to do the dive. At first it fears continue to haunt the heart of this, because overshadowed Leonardo DiCaprio film, entitled "TITANIC". But would not want us to be brave, very unfortunate if it did not take part in this case the midst of the sea is so vast, this is where you will start the beauty of the sea floor so fascinating. Before jumping into the sea, instructor warned to be careful lest we step on the coral reefs. After listening to instructions from the instructors and examine the tools that are used one by one we started down the sea. Sea water is blue and the sun is warm water mebuat anxiety over our hearts.After all in the water, we were a little bit of trouble because they have benapas through the mouth. To the extent that any one of our crew who swallowed salty sea water, be advised we are not used to this. After repeated attempts, we started to get way.What a beautiful creation of God didalm sea. It can not be spoken with words. Luck was on our side, under the sea we saw two horses across the sea. Because the tourists rarely see the uniqueness of these aquatic animals.Actually, the real beauty of the coral reef into the sea at 30-40 yards, but saying we can not see it. Because of our lack of experience on how to dive right in and we only allowed to dive up into approximately 20 meters.After all satisfied to enjoy the beauty of all that, we returned the boat motor and hurried back kedaratan where we started the journey. It was the experience that can not be forgotten, my heart whispered someday could see the most beautiful coral reefs and which we have never seen. Above the motor boat we share stories during the dives we have done.One thing we suggest to you that will go a trip to Bunaken Park to stay, because it is not satisfied kalu only one day trip there. You need not worry to spend the night there, Hotel and Cottage available around the park and you only have to choose it according to their respective kebutahan.Once again we "EXPLORE INDONESIA" hoping that the Government will continue to maintain and care for the garden tour so as to bring in more foreign tourists and will continue to support the advancement of tourism objects that exist in this beloved country.

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