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Stretching the waves at the beach of Petitenget

Written By Rio Gonzales on Friday, January 18, 2013 | Friday, January 18, 2013

Each beach in Bali that rarely has a beautiful almost perfect. Beauty and keeksotisan beaches, and this is what makes Bali so well-known, not only in the national level, but also internationally. Even Indonesia's own popularity, surpassing that in fact precisely Bali located therein. Bali is exotic and full of historical, a place that was a gift of the gods.
One of the important places in Bali is the beach of Petitenget. With an enticing waves stretching, bandaged up by the beauty of its beaches which is really hard to be forgotten, the white sand beaches make it a favourite location for tourists. They are interested in the average surfing pleasure come to this beach because it will be spoiled by the huge waves.
Serenity and naturalness on the beach it will necessarily be crawled when you come here. In contrast to Kuta or Legian beach that is so crowded and so difficult to maintain privacy, the beach of Petitenget is very quiet and comfortable. In addition to its beaches, beautiful beach of Petitenget there is also a place that is considered sacred to the Pura Petitenget is often also used to perform the worship.

About The Name
This beach is called Petitenget Temple myths related to the Petitenget beach. It is said that once the region is haunted before the temple was built. According to the story in ancient times there was a Rishi named Dang Hyang Nirarta. Before proceeding to the Uluwatu Temple perjalanaan, Dang Hyang Nirarta stopover and meeting with Batara Masceti, diesel-interrupted talks look silhouette hiding Bush once called out turns Bhutas Ijo. Ijo Bhutas finally mandated and his supernatural powers to keep the crate pecanangan (betel).
So its loyal Ijo Bhutas every resident who came to the area in search of firewood made sick by the Ijo Bhutas because it is considered like to take peti pecanangan. Finally to the supernatural beings are no longer bothering or disturbing the peace of society, created shrines to worship and was named Pura Petitenget. Since that time because it is in one area then also named its beaches the beach of Petitenget.
Location Of Petitenget
Petitenget Beach in the village of Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency.

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