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Recreational Rides Jungleland

Written By Rio Gonzales on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 | Wednesday, January 23, 2013

wahana rekreasi terbesar di Indonesia
The largest recreational vehicle in IndonesiaJungleland present as attractions of international class in Indonesia. Jungleland accompany Dufan Ancol by becoming the biggest thematic parks in Indonesia under the management of PT Asian and Jungleland opened in the area of Sentul City Nirvana, Sentul, Bogor. These sights will stand in the area 40 Ha and has 33 type of game specifically to arrive from Germany and Italy.

Jungleland opened on December 12, 2012. Jungleland has four thematic zones namely Carnival, Eksplora, Mysteria and Tropicalia and Science Centre which will be the largest education center in Indonesia. In this Science Centre visitors can enjoy the biology, physics lab, insect museum, where we have a collection of thousands of butterflies, insects, shells and galleries etc. There is also a Downtown zone will be a culinary center where there are dozens of restaurants of various traditional dishes typical of Bogor.

Jungleland is a place for recreation, entertainment, and the perfect edutainment for families and can be enjoyed by all ages. Jungleland Adventure Theme Park designed in cool mountain areas with clean air and healthy, so the atmosphere is very convenient for sightseeing. With all new rides, spectacular, and the largest Science Centre in Indonesia, it is predicted will be visited Jungleland 8,000-10,000 visitors per day.

To serve visitors to the maximum, Jungleland mengkaryakan almost 1,000 workers with the nickname "Ranger" that will be placed in the various departments. Recruitment of employees is carried out according to the level of education and their respective fields.

Employee recruitment process is done through the gradual selection and selection the first step, i.e., psychological test and audition. Jungleland's presence is expected to help reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia through the provision of employment. In addition to reducing the density of tourists in Jakarta. Further information, you can visit the site www.jungleland.co.id. Now, in Bogor, you can choose the theme parks of the Sun, The Jungle, or Jungleland.
Transport to Jungeland

If you're using public transportation, from the terminal Baranangsiang Bogor could use a transpakuan direction Bellanova, whereas the reply from the direction of Bubulak, Yasmin, can use the T transit 05 Laladon – Cileungsi, alight at Bellanova. From the direction of Cibubur, Cileungsi can also use T 05 Cileungsi – Laladon. From Bellanova will be provided special transit bus to Jungleland.
HTM Jungleland

For the weekday price of admission $ 120,000 per person, whereas for a weekend ticket price of Rp 175,000 per person. This sign-on tickets to enjoy all the rides in Jungleland.

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