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Kilo Lima Beach – Luwuk, Central Sulawesi

Written By Rio Gonzales on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 | Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Come to the Central sulawesi, precisely in the town of LUWUK, the city has a very attractive beach named Beach five kilos. The beach is very close to the town of luwuk, Central sulawesi. Called kilo lima as they are it is only a little over five kilometres from the town of luwuk.It is located on the edge of a highway and easily accessible by vehicle of any type. Views of offshore-very unusual, besides its underwater that is full of diversity. It has white sand beaches, crystal clear sea, beautiful coral.

There is a row of stalls, food stalls and cafes, you will also find a typical pangguh House residents around. There is a tourist area tirta and nautical, give a great adventure for visitors to enjoy the beauty of underwater five kilos of beach on the island, such as the Two in Balantak, and other coastal areas of meninggu investors to develop the potential of the natural beauty that exist.

Squeeze in for a visit to luwuk through air route, you'll pass this beach and was blown away when it saw it. Beach view Five Kilos, while sea water until it touches the parapet, but visitors can still play and swim in this beach due to its shallow, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches as well as choppy.
Pantai kilo lima - Luwuk, Sul-Teng-06

antai Kilo Lima adalah pantai yang terkenal di kota Luwuk - Indonesia

Pantai Kilo Limaÿÿÿÿ Obyek wisata-91023

Pantai Kilo Lima - Tentang Iondonesia-83391254

Pantai Kilo Lima yang Berjarak Hanya 5 Kilometer dari Kota Luwuk-05

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