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Berau Regency Muko Muko River

Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, January 12, 2013 | Saturday, January 12, 2013

Berau Regency Muko Muko RiverThe Berau river water tourist attraction located on the banks of cross Street West of Bengkulu this potentially being the location of fish-hunting activities.The Berau river water is 30 Km from the city of Mukomuko is perfect for white water rafting tours, because heavy water discharge and full of obstacles if it became the location of white water rafting.
In addition to the clear river water, this place also has many species of fish. Tourists can do the activity of catching fish. In the upper reaches of the River Water in the Berau forest waterfalls there is a Virgin and has not touched the community, so that the wisaatwan can enjoy the natural coolness.
Beautiful natural charm and enchanting is believed to be able to invite tourists from outside the province of Bengkulu, especially now it's supported the existence of a regular flight to the Regency of Mukomuko. Even in today's city of muko Muko teak ago paddle boat race held on the River

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