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Panorama of the beach, to the cool mountain scenery in North Sumatra

Written By Rio Gonzales on Monday, August 13, 2012 | Monday, August 13, 2012

North Sumatra has a lot of tourism potential is still hidden. Panorama of the beach, to the cool mountain scenery. Waterfall of fresh, unique to the sensation of hot tubs.Some of the attractions that are hidden, we find in the area and harvest Delitua District, Sub-blue Blue Deliserdang District. In his spare time, take field trips to the route-harvest, through Delitua. With the distance of about 45 km to the south field, this route was no less interesting than the tourist route-Karo Field.In a field-trip Karo we find a number of recreational areas in the region Sembahe natural baths, camping ground in Sibolangit, resort villa in the resort town Bandarbaru and Brastagi. But the tourist route through the harvest-field with his choices Delitua no less interesting. This route offers a wide selection of tours, fishing tours for the love, nature and adventure baths.

FishLocation of fishing tours can be found in the Delitua. Runs approximately 12 miles, the south field, we arrive at Delitua. Arriving at the intersection of three weeks Delitua, select a route to the right towards the village Pamah. In the region are found fishing pond which is managed by individuals.Because a lot of choices, first-time visitors would be more selective in choosing where fishing as needed. In that area there are two types of fishing pond, which is a family fishing pond and fishing pond galatama.A family fishing pond for family fishing recreation huts following the tour. Tourists in the cabin can perform various types of fishing activity of freshwater fish such as goldfish, carp, tilapia and others. Fish obtained from the fish is weighed and then get paid to take home or cooked on the spot so meal with the family. In a family fishing pond fish dishes are also available in the pool catches.Galatama fishing pond, a fishing pond for the hobbyist. Fellow visitors can complain fishing skills through fishing competition held penglola every day. There is a team of judges based on criteria that assess the weight of fish that successfully lured. As a family fishing pond, fishing pond galatama in fish dishes are also available and drinks.For additional information, other than fishing tourism, in Pamah, there is also a fountain Delitua believed to be a bathhouse Miss Green, the legend of the East Sumatra. Each month of Ramadan visited by many people bathed pangir and on ordinary days there are a limited number who come to tour the history of the pilgrimage in the place.Natural bathNatural baths were first discovered in the harvest-field tourist route is the Blue-blue bathing. The river water clear, cold and shallow. There is a cabin that can be rented for relaxing with family. These objects are already known in the era of the '70s, is now popular among families in Medan and surrounding areas.Along with the development, in these places have been built some lodge and resort. On Saturdays and Sundays and other holidays, Blue-blue crowded people.About 2 miles from Blue-blue to the harvest, we will find a beautiful lake on the edge of the road. Exactly in the village of Sari Profit Sub-blue Blue. The atmosphere is still beautiful natural surroundings with its cool trees. At the end of the lake is a scene hills.Lake was actually owned by a natural pond fish sprinkled with gold. Extent of about 3 hectares with a considerable depth. People call it the Lake Bekuyung and managers introduced as Lake Beautiful. According to residents, obye now known as fishing tours. Unfortunately appear to have had creative touches for visitors attracted more coming.The natural beauty that is not less interesting, can be enjoyed in a location which is only about 1 kilometer from Lake Bekuyung, toward harvest. Precisely in the village of Sari Profit Betala Hamlet, there is a natural waterfall that flows into the River Betala.Since August, the place is crowded with local tourists began to bathe. Height of the waterfall about 25-30 meters from a steep cliff with verdant surroundings are still fresh in the vicinity.Under the waterfall flowing clear water with the flat surface of the river bottom and shallow and do not tgerlalu lot of sharp rocks. The water is still fresh because it flows from headwaters in the foothills of the wilderness.Hot WaterAbout 5 km away from the waterfall Betala Hamlet, we travel to the village of harvest, where the hot springs in the crowded holiday travelers to enjoy the sensation of local natural hot water from the ponds are built and residents of Deli Serdang regency.There are two locations of the hot springs there. The first hot springs found on the roadside not far from the village office. In this place, there is a public bath buildings that drain the hot water and ordinary citizens utilized daily.The second source of hot water was not far from the first location. Here there are small pools and bathrooms are built permanent Deliserdang regency. In addition there are a number of showers that drain hot water from natural hot water pools.Unfortunately, these attractions are natural and not packed as well as Lau-Debuk Debuk Tanah Karo. Still found rubbish piled near the site and the path to the location of the damaged, yet able to provide full comfort to the visitors. The hope, the future of these attractions can be arranged better.At harvest there are also thousands of caves inhabited by bats. It's just natural cave is still a virgin and is only suitable for travelers who like adventure and have the skills and knowledge about the cave. Interestingly, when the durian season arrives. For those who want to enjoy the durian straight from the tree, harvest is the right destination.HopeExcept for a number of attractions in the area fishing Pamah, Delitua are gaining in popularity, a number of natural attractions found in the Blue-blue and harvest, despite the potential, but still need to touch and better development. Lack of support infrastrukstur adequate road connections and arrangement of the attractions that still managed to be what it is, explain why the tourist route-harvest field is still relatively quiet rather than field-Tanah Karo. In fact, according to the opinion of the writer a number of tourist sites are located in Medan route-harvest potential to be developed.In the end, each of us is free to adjust the sights to the needs of recreation is desired. For those who love a challenge and adventure, for example, could choose camping or hiking in Tanah Karo. While for those who love fishing can go to Delitua. For those who want to enjoy the fresh natural bath with waterfall, can stop in the natural baths Betala waterfall. Then, for who wants to feel the sensation of geothermal water from natural ponds, harvest could be an alternative.

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