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Bogor Botanical Gardens

Written By Rio Gonzales on Monday, August 13, 2012 | Monday, August 13, 2012

tempat wisata di bogor - gambar kebun raya bogorThe famous botanical gardens in Bogor city is the Botanical Garden. According to Wikipedia, the Botanical Garden or the Bogor Botanical Gardens is a large botanical garden located in the city of Bogor, Indonesia. The extent of 87 acres and has 15,000 species of tree and plant collections. Location of the Botanical Garden is located in a mountainous area attractions makes this perfect for growing flowers. Construction of the Bogor Botanical Gardens inspires the presence of other botanical gardens in Bogor.

When the holiday season approaches, family recreation event so much fun when spent in the Bogor Botanical Gardens. Tourist attractions in Bogor provides a playground and a spacious rest area. Picnic activities at the Bogor Botanical garden is not just a casual outing fresh air, but also educate the children to get to know and love the natural environment.

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