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Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, May 26, 2012 | Saturday, May 26, 2012

It has been a long time ago since my last visit to Waduk Sermo (Sermo reservoir) which is located in Wates, Kulon Progo regency, Jogjakarta. It is not too far from the downtown of Wates, only about 20 minutes or less to the northeast. This tourism attraction is located on the hill where beautiful view and green trees are the most attractive factors.

waduk Sermo tourism Indonesia
Riding my motorcycle, I start down the road to Waduk Sermo. The road is in good condition, I found no holes on the road from Wates downtown to the
location. No traffic jam along the road to the tourism location, or I said it is quiet. The only handicap is running uphill, which is not too high. During the Durian season, we will see many sellers along the road. unfortunately, the season is over.
It was about 20 minutes I rode my bike until finally I get to Sermo Lake/reservoir. I could see the lake clearly, and it’s beautiful. I stopped for a moment to enjoy the view and took photograph. A few minutes later, I continued my tourism course to go around the lake. The landscape was beautiful. Many hills around the lake was creating good landscape. I really enjoyed the view. There were many people fishing, and indeed it is a good location for fishing. They get fishes like Tilapia or ikan Nila in Indonesian language and gouramy.

Indonesia Tourism Information Waduk SermoJogjakarta Tourism Sermo LakeWaduk Sermo has great landscape view but in my opinion it should be available more attraction. I found boats dock, which provide visitors see around the lake. It costs IDR5000 per person to enjoy the lake from boat. Tourists must looking more attraction other than views and green trees like an amusement park or food stalls which sell special culinary. Looked around for a while, but I couldn’t find the things I want. Yes, I found several food stall, but what they sold are very common like bakso. What a pity for such beautiful place but no investor want to develop it. The government should be more concern about it.

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