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Beautifull Views from Villages in Indonesia

Written By Rio Gonzales on Friday, May 25, 2012 | Friday, May 25, 2012

Indonesia has relatively more beautiful rural area not yet touched by the modernity. Fresh air and the green views are the most valuable factors. Those two things are maybe hard to find in the modern country like USA and countries in Europe. Here, in Indonesia, we have plenty of it.

green paddy fieldI live in the rural area of Jogjakarta where I can see the green paddy fields, Merapi, and Merbabu mountain from outside my house. When I come home from the work in the center town of Jogja, all the view heals me from the tiredness. It’s like a therapeutic healing from the work fatigue. By this, the next day will be always a great day to do everything.
Most villagers do for living as farmers. Paddy is the main plantation. Few farmers plants vegetables except those who live on the higher latitude. Vegetables planted on the field around my area are chili, spinach, onion, yard-long bean, and egg plant. A few other farmers plant fruit like watermelon and melon. I will provide the photograph later.
A few meters from my house there is a river where some villagers do things like washing clothes, fishing, and taking a bath. about 10 years ago, there were more people did such activities in the river, because the river was clean. The modernity brings changes to the people’s behavior which slow but sure change the nature either.
Observing the living in villages in Indonesia will be a great alternative vacation for those who lives in big cities.  People’s simplicity, their culture, and natural view are interesting to be observed.
It is great to enjoy life in the village.

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  1. No matter what they said, i still love my Country, I love Indonesia..