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Sawi Island in west Kalimantan

Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, May 26, 2012 | Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sawi Island, The Angel Island
Sawi(eng: Green Mustard) Island is located in west Kalimantan, Kendawang, Ketapang district, Indonesia. This island is an ultimate tourism attraction object of west Kalimantan, because of its magnificent scenery and the abundance of marine life in it. 
Ketapang district has many small islands. There are about 34 small islands in this region, one of them is this Sawi Island which has an area of about 500 hectares. The land on the islands are relatively on low altitude which makes the islands mostly has a sloping beach.

These islands have a huge tourism potential by only relying on natural view and the enormous wealth of marine resources. Sawi Island has about 20 families mostly working as fishermen or fishing laborers, who also work as pearls hunter sometimes.

The specialty of Sawi Island is the white and beautiful sand sea, a lot of marine resources, cultures and community of the local society, and stunning palm trees lined up along the shoreline. The crystal clear sea water enable us to see underwater animal and plant life on the ocean floor with naked eye.
Sawi Island, The Angel Island

Some of marine resources on the island are seaweed cabbage, shrimp fan, king crab, leatherback, hawksbill, green turtle, pearl, and some species of fish. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while doing some activities like camping, fishing, diving, swimming or you may wanna take a little adventure to explore this island more.

Access to this island is not very difficult, firstly, you have to go to Tengar river which is about 70km to the north of Ketapang, after arriving at the river you can proceeded to the island using a boat for nearly an hour. The trip to Tengar river can be taken by motorcycle, bus, or car for about 2 hours.
Sawi Island, The Angel Island
The journey then continued from Tengar river with boat owned by some fisherman along the beach, to arrive on Sawi island. I must tell you, the journey to the Sawi island from Tengar river is very exciting.

Sawi Island is also a turtle habitat,various species of sea turtles such as leatherbacks, green turtles, hawksbill and totong can be found easily in the island. For the combination of the beautiful scenery and the stunning marine life, the island was later called the Angel Island, with the pure white sand, and sparkling blue sea.
Sawi Island, The Angel Island

If you wanna overstay on this island, you can camp or rent a homestay that has been built by local government, the government has also built a dock to ease tourists visiting the island. You can even rent a boat from any fisherman if you wanna go around the island.

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