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Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Penyengat Island
The island is adjacent to stun the city batar Tanjungpinang sejau approximately 1.50 km from city Tanjungpinang. The extent of approximately of 3.50 km. hilly land composed of sand mixed with gravel, while the beaches are generally flat; settled some grassy, rocky reefs friends one another. Among Tanjungpinang Penyengat Island and there is a wide strait of about 1.5 km which can be impassable by boat. Image 

Dizaman government of Sultan Mahmud Shah (1761-1812 AD), when he married the daughter Engku binti Haji Raja Shahid Fisabilillah around the year 1801 AD, the island was handed over to the bride price or dowry permaisurinyasebagai. Because an important role in the island of stinging seangat Riau kingdom's historicity, the island has become famous stun and attract people to visit. 
According to the story, a small island in the Riau Islands have long known to sailors centuries ago as a haven for taking a lot of fresh water is available the island. According to legend further, a "stinger" is given to the island, having been sailors who are taking the place of clean water was being attacked by some kind of bee (insect), which are called "stingers" to cause casualties. Since then the island is famous among sailors and fishermen with "Island Penyengat". At the central government of Riau kingdom located on the island, he inaugurated with the name "Island Penyengat Sakti Sense." 

In 1803 Penyengat Island has built a center of defense into the country, and then incorporated his lordship Young kingdom of Riau-Linga, while the sultan officially reside in Daik-Linga. Only later in the year 1900 the Sultan of Riau-Linga to Penyengat Island. Since it was completed role as the center of the island stinging government, customs, religions of Islam and Melayu culture. 

On the island there are relics of the kingdom Penyengat Melayu Riau-Linga, the tomb of Raja Ali Haji of Riau Malays of the famous poet with Gurindamnya, the tomb of King Jafar, and others. Inside the Grand Mosque which was built in 1882 Penyengat Island, there are also several collections of historical relics such as The Holy Koran written in his hand and antique carved pulpit.

Natuna Island
Natuna Islands cluster also has beautiful scenery, with panoramic views of the coast that are still awake keasriannya. Natuna so beautiful and has many potensi.Pengunjung can find tourist beaches, such as Cape Coast, Beach Sebagul, Selahang Gulf Coast, Beach Setengar, and so forth. A number of locations even become a fan favorite for snorkeling, turtle habitat observers, and lovers of the underwater tour

Natuna island is sendanau timurPulau district of Riau Islands Province. This island is located in the South China Sea between Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam and Cambodia. To achieve the Natuna Islands of Batam Island to cross by boat to Tanjung Pinang passengers during the first hour, and from Tanjung Pinang using a small plane into a special Airport AU in Ranai, Natuna Island

Northern group of islands in the Riau Islands province was called. Land and the sea is very rich in minerals such as quartz sand, natural gas, and petroleum.

In the marine waters of the natural riches contained tangible fish and other marine biota. Not to mention the beauty of the beaches and beauty of coral reefs are very attractive. For residents, Natuna Besar Natuna Island and small islands around it is more often referred to as Bunguran.

According to legend, the first residents of Pulau Natuna Besar is Demat Megat. Once, there was a kid who washed away a block of wood. The child, according to the story, comes from Siam (Thailand). At that time the island has not yet been named.
Sea water was then mendamparkannya away the wood on an island. Whether the power from where the boy suddenly turned big and hairy. It was he who then called Megat Demat. By Wan Tarhusin, which tells the legend of citizen's Natuna, Demat Megat also has the strength and supernatural powers.
Demat Megat, who became the first residents of the Great Natuna Island, later married a daughter named Engku Fatimah Johor kingdom. At that time Engku Fatima mansions of the middle set sail for the Natuna Islands and then landed on the coast of Pulau Natuna Besar.
Under a large tree on the island was named bungur Engku Fatimah met Demat Megat. Because mutually attracted, they later married and lived on the island. From a tree where a meeting between the Fatimah and Demat Megat Engku land or island that was later called Bunguran.
Marriage is a walk lasting and a blessing for Engku Fatima. Previously he had been married 40 times, but not long after marrying her husband died. Only with Demat Megat Engku Fatimah marriage can last forever.
The Kingdom of Johor, then the title Datuk Megat Demat Rich. "Degree was awarded for the first time, and that title is the highest degree,"

The diversity that makes the Natuna become richer. Not only because of its natural resources and all potential marine who became His grace, but also the wealth of the people who inhabit the background. History, legend, and the name later became a background that makes what happened this time more and more deep-rooted.

Generally, the legend tells of a meeting of different tribes in place new and nameless. In Natuna, the current meeting gets more and more meaning because the encounter cultural, ethnic, and nation, which of course is expected to further enrich the Natuna.

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