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Curup City ( Bengkulu ) in indonesia

Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Curup is small town which exist as part from Bengkulu. It be located at Rejang Lebong regency as central city. As a small city, Curup is not polluted so much like other city because number of vehicle not too much. In addition, Curup is located around mountain area, which forest still virgin from people hand, so it’s temperature is cold and comfort. In edge of Curup, there so many agriculture area, like rice field, vegetable farm, and others. The distance of Curup from Bengkulu City is 80 Km. People who want lead to there can pass any path because it is transit city.
In history, Curup is belong old town. This town exist since Netherland come to Indonesia. In that era, Curup is transit city which used as central part from Sumatra travel in west area. Any traffic from any city must pass via this city to go to another. Apart from that, oldest senior high school in south of part Sumatra is in this city which built since 1950. 

Tourist Resort 

Curup have so many tourist resort which beautiful. Most of them is natural tourist resort. They are very perfect destination for people who like adventure specially in nature journey. These are tourist resort which can find in Curup :
1. Suban Hot Spring
Suban hot Spring is one from tourist resort which can find in Curup. The distance from Central city of Curup is 6 km. People who want go to there can use any vehicle like motorcycle and car because the distance is not far and also the road to go is well. So, people only need 20 minutes to get there. Along traveling to there, people can also look a view very beautiful of vegetable farm and feel cold temperature. Suban hot spring contain of so many swimming pool. People can choose where their wants to come, modern swimming pool, or natural pool. 

Suban Hot spring also is located near waterfall of suban. The distance is not far, only about 300 meter from swimming pool. So, if people go to Suban, Besides they can enjoy the hot spring, they also can see waterfall beautiful view. The waterfall height is about 90 meter. The waterfall is unique because it is not one waterfall but, contain of many level.

Apart from waterfall, people who get Suban also can see “Crying stone”. It is stone of Princess Slongka which people believe the stone cry, produce water like people cry sometimes. People tale tell that "Crying stone" one time ago is used by Princess Slongka Who forced married the Prince Gambir Melayang and She don’t want the Marriage. After the marriage, Princess Slongka was cry above the stone. Because Princess Slongka is sacred women, the stone follow her to cry.

2. Mount Kaba

Mount Kaba is one of Vulcano in Sumatra. It is active one, so we can see more volcano activities at there. There are two cave in Mount Kaba which one of them is active. It is stand about 900 meter of height. During climbing to go to peak, people can see many beautiful forest which very heavy and fresh. The distance of Mount Kaba from Curup City is about 19 km, which to go there, people must take a bus or use car. The time to go there is about one hour traveling. People who love adventure will like this mount. In peak of the mount, there are a place who can used to camp. People should not climb the mountain in rainy season, because the mist will go down and cover up the view. Apart from that, the path will be slick and make it dangerous for climb. There are some story about the mountain. Tale of “Muning Raib” says that people from Dusun Curup Village should not go to the mountain if they don’t want lose because their predecessor have some fault to mountain spirit.

3. Mas Lake
Mas lake is Lake which located at Rejang Lebong. It cover about 3600 hectare area and have island in middle. Mas lake is one of cheap tourist resort in Curup. The distance from Curup city is about 17 km. It is easy to go there because it is located at Lubuklinggau- Curup highway. The lake also located around mountain, so the temperature and aroma is very unique, very cold and fresh. The beautiful of the lake very artistic. If people go from Curup to Lubukliggau city at south Sumatra, they will see the view of the Lake Because The lake is located in valley, exactly nether of edge of Highway.

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