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Sakai Tribe

Written By Unknown on Sunday, January 22, 2012 | Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sakai is a community of indigenous / rural living in mainland Riau. They have often been characterized as an isolated group of sedentary living in the woods. But over time, beautiful natural refuge where they became extinct. Area that was forest, developed into a regional petroleum industry, the business of forestry, rubber and oil palm plantations, and economic centers. The composition of the society becomes more heterogeneous with newcomers and job seekers from various community groups that exist in Indonesia (Java, Minang, Batak, etc.). As a result, the Sakai community began to lose their source of livelihood, while business or working in other fields have not been their usual living
Talang Mamak tribe belonging to the Old Malay (Proto Malay) which is indigenous Indra Giri with the title "Interest Tuha" which means the first tribe to come and have more right over natural resources in Indragiri Hulu. There are two versions of the existence of this tribe Talang Mamak. According to Assistant Resident Obdeyn-Indragiri, Talang Mamak tribe comes from a recessive Pagaruyung customary and religious conflict. Meanwhile, according to myth, these tribes are
the descendants of Adam to the three that come down from heaven to Earth, precisely on the River Lemons and settled in the River Tunu (Durian Smallpox). This is evident from the phrase "Land of Makkah Kandal, floating in the River Limes, menjeram in Sunagi Tunu" That's the first man in Indragiri named duke.
Talang Mamak tribe itself is spread across four districts namely Trunk Gansal, Cenaku, Kelayang and West Rengat Indragiri Hulu Riau.
whereas one group was in Hamlet Village Semarantihan Suo-suo District Sumai Tebo regency in Jambi.

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