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Gayo tribe is a tribe that inhabited the highlands in the province of Aceh. Gayo tribe inhabiting the three districts of Central Aceh District, District Bener Meriah and Gayo Lues Regency. Gayo tribe also inhabits a number of villages in East Aceh district, Aceh Tamiang, District Beutong Nagan Raya District and the District Rumble So in East Aceh district.
Gayo tribe known Muslim and devout in their religion. Tribe uses a language called Gayo language Gayo.Confidence 
Gayo tribe of Muslims, but there are believed to practice witchcraft.

The main livelihood is farming and gardening with coffee the main results. They also developed the crafts made of ceramics, weaving, and weaving. Another craft that enough attention is made needlepoint filigree craft Gayo, with a distinctive motif.
Kingdom of Linga
Kingdom of Linga or Linge (the Gayo language) on the ground Gayo, according to M. Junus Djamil in his book "White Elephant" published by the Institute of Culture in 1959 Atjeh, Kutaradja, said that around the 11th century (Penahunan this may be very relative, because the kingdom Lamuri have existed before this century, penahunan more precise is the century to 2-9 M), the Kingdom of Linga established by the Batak people Gayo in the era of Sultan Mahmud Shah Machudum Johan Sovereign of the Kingdom Perlak. This information is known from the testimony of King and his son King Uyem Ranta, King of CIK Bebesan and Zainuddin, from the kings Kejurun Hill both of which had dominion as king in the Dutch colonial era.
Linga Raja I, which became a direct descendant of Batak, is mentioned to have 6 children. The oldest a woman named professor or Datu Beru Beru, others sebayak Linga, Linga Meurah Johan and Meurah, Meurah Silu and Meurah Mege.

Sebayak Linga then migrated to the land of his ancestors precisely in the Karo Batak and open country where he was known as the King of Linga Sibayak. Meurah Johan wanders into Aceh Besar and establish his kingdom named Lamkrak or Oeii Lam, known as Lamoeri and Lamuri or Lamuri or Lambri Sultanate. This means above Lamuri sultanate was founded by Johan Meurah Meurah Linga while living in Linge, Gayo, who later became king down termurun Linge. Meurah Silu Pasai migrate to the area and became an employee of the Sultanate Power in Pasai. The Sultanate is a Shiite-led empire of the Persians and Arabs.
Meurah Mege himself buried on the slope Keramil Wihni Rayang Paluh Linge area. Until now still preserved and respected by the population.
The cause of migration is unknown. However, according to the Linga history is told that the King is more fond of his youngest Meurah Mege. Thus making the other children who prefer to wander.
1. Adi Genali Linga Raja I in GayoKing sebayak Linga in Tanah Karo. Become King of KaroMeurah King Johan (founder of Sultanate Lamuri)Meurah Silu (founder of the Sultanate of Pasai Ocean), and
2. King Linga Linga II, aka Angry at Gayo 3. Linga Raja III-XII in Gayo 4. XIII Linga Raja Amir al-Harb into the Sultanate of Aceh, in 1533 formed a new kingdom of Johor in Malaysia, led by Sultan Alauddin Shah Mansyur. King Linga XIII appointed a new cabinet in the kingdom. His descendants founded the Sultanate of linga in the Riau archipelago, the island of Linga, whose sovereignty includes Riau (Indonesia), Temasek (Singapore) and a little area of ​​Malaysia.
Kings of the Linga sebayak Karo undocumented. In the era of Dutch re-appointed kings but only two eras 1. King Joints Sibayak Linga. (Optional Netherlands) 2. King Kalilong Sibayak Linga

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