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Alas Ethnic

Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, January 21, 2012 | Saturday, January 21, 2012

  Alas people is one of the people living clumps in the region of Southeast Aceh, in Aceh province. Alas areas traversed  many rivers, including the Lawe Alas (Alas River). They live in area called "The Land of Alas'. The word "base" means "mat who used to sit or sleep ". Although the language and name
  Alas tribal families have in common with Batak tribes, the origin Alas is still a mystery.

  Most of the people living in rural areas of Alas. They make a living by farming and raising livestock. Alas Region considered senagai granary in the Aceh region. Agricultural products.Other agricultural rubber, coffee, and hazelnut (local herbs), and forest products such as wood, rattan, resin, and incense.

  Their culture emphasizes two types of laws. The first type consists of religious law given by God and can not be changed. Type. The second consists of the traditional laws, ie laws that made by the leaders of the community and can be changed in accordance with time.

  Usually, people are adherents of Islam Alas, but they still seek help from shamans. They held ceremonies, so that their yields large and protected from pests. Shaman read and spell using magic potions from leaves and the flowers are considered to be strong to resist pests.

  Alas people in great need of development in education and economics. Southeast Aceh memunyai great potential for tourism, agriculture, and mining, but the great potential of this yet be utilized. Capital and investment (both from within and outside country) of the financial potential of this development, will greatly assist the development and prosperity of the indigenous people.

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