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Dolphins in Bali

Written By Rio Gonzales on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 | Wednesday, December 21, 2011

     Lovina Bali area famous famous as the place to witness the performances of wild Dolphins. You can immediately see the funny behavior and friendly dolphins live in the middle of the sea. Of course this will be an exciting vacation experience for you. In the area there are hundreds tail Lovina Dolphins.

    To be able to see the attraction of wild Dolphins, you have to leave early when the sun will rise. Why? Since the dolphins in this region appears only between the hours of 6 am to 8 am. At that hour, dozens of Dolphins will beratraksi naturally show their activities. There are just swimming in the water surface, there is also the jumping up and down. Of course this will make astonished at the beauty of the black sea animals.Usually the tourists had gathered on the beach at around 5:30 pm to go to sea. You can hire a fishing boat that had been prepared for the journey. The journey begins with a small boat could only carry a maximum of 4 people in addition to the fishermen. The boat will take you approximately one to two kilometers to the sea to spot dolphins usually will appear.During the trip, you can see a vast sea view and while the boat away from the mainland, the mainland Lovina you can see from a distance like a silhouette. After arriving in the middle of the sea, the fishermen will be down to where the dolphin will appear. And if there is a group of dolphins that jump, the fishermen will tell the other boats around it so that the boats will add speed to chase a group of Dolphins.Of course you can record when the dolphins jumping in the middle of the sea. There is also the tourists who can not see the Dolphins. This depends on natural factors such as the pair of sea water, wind direction, and of course your luck to be able to see dolphins in the wild. "Pursuit" will last approximately 3 hours. However, if you're feeling sick because of seasickness you should not hesitate to tell the fishermen to return to the mainland.

While traveling back to the mainland, you can enjoy the scenery along the coast of Lovina clearly because the sun was shining with light. You also can enjoy a tour Lovina marine park waters.

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