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Sawarna beach in Banten

Written By Rio Gonzales on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | Wednesday, September 07, 2016

From Previous time till now, there is a tourist beach in the area of Banten which talked and started many tourists, both local and foreign tourists and travelers. The beach called Sawarna beach.

The beach has clean white sand on one side and a towering crag on the other hand many be the fruit of the lips by many tourists because of its natural beauty that is so endearing. Believe it or not, the beauty of the beach Sawarna is align the coast with beautiful beaches outside Banten.

This beach is one of the prime tourist attraction in Banten because its beauty is one of the most beautiful beach which is in Banten Province.
The coast of Sawarna the famous is about 150 Km from Rangkasbitung and in the village of Sawarna sub-district of Bayah Lebak Regency of Banten Province. Sawarna itself is actually the name of the village where the beach is located.

Sawarna beach is the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean, so it has the hallmark of South Beach with the waves of the great and powerful arusnya. It is remote and access is a bit hard to reach places make Beach Sawarna like heaven is hidden in the remote region.

A few years ago, not even the many tourists who visit there because of the difficult and quite poor access roads to reach Sawarna. Thanks to those who promote through online media, a growing number of tourists who are interested in coming to this hidden paradise.
The first time you get to the beaches of Sawarna, the sense of vision you will be pampered with great natural scenery. Green Hills, white sandy beaches and blue sea make you will forget for a moment all exhausted.
The advantages of the tourist attractions in the village of Sawarna, one of the attractions of this and the other nearby so you can enjoy them all without having to travel far away. Some of the attractions in the village of Sawarna is the beach of Tanjung Karang beach scenes, Taraje, beaches, coastal Villages Pulo Ciantir, cave, cave Langir Lalay and cave of a thousand temples.
Several beaches like Cape Coral and coral clusters Taraje is looming so you can not swim there, but a beautiful scenery made two such places crowded by tourists.

Tanjung Layar were two coral look like sails.Not complete it feels to Sawarna without visiting this place. While Coral Taraje is an ideal place to view the sunset. In this place there is a cluster of towering corals along the beach.
In contrast to the Tanjung Layar as well as Karang Taraje, Pulo Manuk beach and Ciantir beach you will be pampered with the expanse of white sand and crystal clear sea water. At this beach you can play water or play sand on the beach. The waves are great any time allows you to do surf.

Many travelers who do suring at this place because the waves are very good to do surf. Cave Lalay, Langir and Seribu temple is cave which located at Sawarna. If you want other than the beach, you can visit this cave for nature tourism into it.
One day you won't be enough to surround the whole Sawarna, because it's good you stay in order to enjoy the beauty of the Sawarna entirely. You can set up tents near the edge of the beach, of course with the permission to residents near the beach and not leaving trash.

You have to bring your own equipment, because there is no rental. If you don't want to bother you can stay in homestay or residence which is available there. The fare on offer ranges from IDR 100,000 to Rp 300,000 per night and includes a meal.
The village Sawarna is about 270 Km from Jakarta, and is approximately 7 hours or more. To get to Sawarna from Jakarta, you can choose whether the line will pass through the harbor Queen or passing Serang and Pandeglang.

To go to the sawarna recommended to use vehicles which can pass through a difficult terrain. Because the road in the village of Sawarna have a difficult path traversed. Check also fuel vehicles as well as bring enough cash.

Because the nearest gas station ATM and the distance is far enough. Prepare physically strong enough because the journey to sawarna quite tiring, but it all pays off when you get to the village of Sawarna

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