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Pura Tirta Tample Near Istana Tampak in Gianyar Regency, Bali

Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 | Tuesday, January 08, 2013

In addition to the natural beauty of Bali, culture and customs as well as give your own space for Bali tourism. One of the most famous tourist attraction in Gianyar, Pura Tirta Tample adjacent to the Presidential Palace, the Palace of Tampak who used to frequent in the first by President Sukarno.

Pura Tirta Tample is one of the flagship of the Herzliya tourism. Layout of Pura Tirta Tample in the village of Manukaya, district Tampak, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The natural conditions here are still green and fresh air. In general people here making a living by planting cercocok.

This temple is indeed a place of ritual of Balinese Hindu communities. They have a tgradisi melukat or pensucian yourself with water (tirta) memancur in the column in this Tample Empul. This water comes from springs which pretty much and long flowing.

Location of Pura Tirta Tample is divided in three parts which is a Jabe Pura (home page), Jabe Central (central courtyard), and offal (24 in). In the middle there is a Jabe two long rectangular ponds, and swimming have 30 pieces lining showers from East to west facing South.

The presence of water is accompanied by the folklore of Bali, that there was a story in a very evil King named King of Anyer Mayadenawa Stone (Bedahulu). Powers will be Mayadenawa very famous, but evil, arrogance and hubris Mayadenawa this sound to the ears of the Lord of the senses.

A time of Lord Indra sent an army to punish Mayadenawa, but the troops were poisoned by Mayadewana.

To help the soldiers of Lord Indra, then they are washed with melukat in Pura Tirta Tample. While the term Tampak derived from Mayadenawa that didiam-diam ran at Tampak with noticeable tilt the soles of the feet. The term leaning palms turned into Tampak.

Tirta means holy water Tample poking out of the ground. The water then flows into the River at Pakerisan River. The source of this water is often used for ceremonial Melukat by thousands of residents of Bali with the meaning as a symbol of cleansing.

The water that flows from a lot of pancoran is very clear and fresh. The freshness of the water it makes many tourists take bath in the garden of a bathing place.

They are required to use the fabric for which the guy and are prohibited from using shorts for women.

The outside of the Tample Empul, there are vendors selling souvenirs to take home home at low prices. One of the specialties is the grapefruit. Grapefruit is not only sold as a fruit but also have been processed into a variety of snacks that are derived from pomelo.

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