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Alligator Park Asam Kumbang-Medan

Written By Rio Gonzales on Saturday, January 5, 2013 | Saturday, January 05, 2013

Alligator Park Asam Kumbang is the largest Crocodile in Medan and quite famous which is located in the village of acid beetles, Medan Selayang, Medan, North Sumatra.

Although located in Medan, but the acid Beetles is the terrain. First, because the field is the second largest city in Indonesia, then travel from the center of the city of Medan to the Acid Beetles reached approximately 1 hour, in a relatively good road conditions and lenggang. In respect of Acid Beetles in the suburb Field, then its natural conditions are also more beautiful than the field itself. In addition to its natural condition, which is still unexploited, acid Beetles still tend to be urban sub-region still has vast tracts of land.

Entrance location of captivity seemed very clearly visible in the shape of a crocodile. With through the streets which is the Spring Street Gang, then soon you will meet arch having a crocodile in the right side of the road that says Please enter the Crocodile Acid Beetles!!

As for the Grounds of Alligator Park Asam Kumbang has 2600 crocodile tail who started the maintenance from 1959 to the present. Stand a ditanah the surrounding area approximately 2 h. in it we can see alligators that new born up to the age of 50 years and the crocodile as trained and capable of presenting an amazing attractions.

Vera turns more sinister judging directly rather than watch the Animal Planet Channel on Yes. This breeding is private property but they provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to see their pet crocodile-buaya, just pay the ticket Rp. 15 per-person. In captivity, there are about ten stone pond made lumayam-walled high (as high as chest adults) in which there is a variety of crocodiles that are grouped according to age. At the entrance, which was first seen is a rather large pool that contains a 34 year-old crocodile! The size is huge! It looks like her stomach can accommodate an adult human body intact.Wooww, Ceram Sekaliii ... !!

This crocodile is one among the oldest crocodile there. More lay quietly while occasionally opened his eyes and yellow it with idled

The other pools contain about 10-15 crocodile tail. At around 10 am, Vera-Vera Sun while it heap up themselves to each other. Some of them turn a blind eye, but not the least as well who opened my eyes and looked at the visitors with their yellow eyes. They don't have to move to intimidate their victims. Really true predators.

A crocodile handler clears the crocodile children with long arms like an adult, in some round bucket, using a liquid such as SOAP. And the children of the crocodile is indeed quite dirty. So the former water ' bathrooms ' is also really dirty!!!

While alligators-crocodile that's been great, not cleaned manually. It is enough to drain the water using the pipes are to any pond, the new flow of water then it will push dirty water disposal trench. May kuunjungan to this place attracts You. Even if Your event is not too helpful in any case, however, you have been quite helpful in the conservation treatment of this crocodile with a visit to the breeding site. Moreover, the entrance ticket you pay tends to be very cheap.

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