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Historical evidence of culture in Indonesia

Written By Rio Gonzales on Sunday, December 23, 2012 | Sunday, December 23, 2012

history indonesiaHistory proves that culture in Indonesia being able to live side by side, each filling, and run in parallel. For example the Royal Palace of culture or standing in line in parallel with hunting culture concocted certain groups of people. In the context of the present can we find how the urban community culture can run parallel with the culture of rural or rural, even with hunting cultures who concocted life much secluded. The relations between the culture can run entwined in the frame of "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika", where we can maknai with context that not only refer to the sheer diversity of population groups but to the cultural context.

Based on that with the amount of population groups more or less 700 ' 90s politics throughout the country, with many different types of diverse community groups, as well as its religious diversity, Indonesia society is pluralist society that truly are fragile. Fragile in terms of diversity with the difference that it has the potential for a conflict that he owned will also increasingly sharp. The differences that exist in the community will be a driving force to strengthen conflict issues that appear in the midst of a society where the conflict was in fact
emerges from the other issues which are not with regard to cultural diversity. Such cases of conflicts that emerged in Indonesia which declared the case a conflict of religion and politics. When in fact the didominsi conflicts by other issues which are more politically and economically. There is no single cause in the case of the conflict in Indonesia. However, some cases of conflict that exists in Indonesia began to raise questions about the diversity that we have and how it should manage it correctly.

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