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Goa Donan in Banjar,indonesia

Written By Rio Gonzales on Sunday, December 2, 2012 | Sunday, December 02, 2012

Gerbang Goa Danon
If you follow the path from Banjar to Pangandaran, you will find Gua Donan (Donan Cave) in the right side. The area is about 2.5 Ha. The length of Donan Cave is about 500 m. This cave is very unique. Beside stalactites and stalacmites, there are dinosaur-shaped rocks.
Around the area, you can enjoy the vast rice fields. You can see also many buffaloes grassing in the field.


Tunggilis village, Kalipucang
72 km from Ciamis

rice fields

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Karang Kamulyan (cultural heritage)
Karang Nini (beach)
Goa Donan

Pangandaran (beach)

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