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Sigale-Gale traditional dance from Sumatera utara,Indonesia

Written By Rio Gonzales on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 | Wednesday, November 21, 2012

   Sigale-gale is a statue made of wood. It is a kind of  statue as a handicraft of Batak people from North Tapanuli in Sumatera. This Sigale-gale doll, driven by ropes that connected to the various parts of the doll that controlled by the player. Sigale-gale can perform TORTOR (dancing) like the real dancer, according to the skill of the person who plays it. Sigale-gale is also dressed up with traditional clothes (ulos).
   I don't know exactly when Batak people had a Sigale-gale show and what they did it for. Maybe, it was only a creation to amuse people when they held an opera or when the Batak people held a ritual tradition in the past.
Some said that, Sigale-gale was made same to the person who was the most respected in a noble or rich family.
Why did it happened? maybe if the family held a ritual tradition, the Sigale-gale would dance as a form of the man/ woman that they respected mostly.

  •  History dance Sigale gale

Sigale gale sculptures, Tor Tor Dance Samosir Island   In ancient times there is a very wise king who lived in the area of Toba.This king has only one child, named Manggale.Is still at the time of going to war is often between one kingdom to another kingdom.

   This king told his son to join the battle against the enemy that attacked the region they come. At the time of war is the only child of King puppet killed in battle at the time.
The King is beaten heart remembers one child is no, then the King falls ill. Viewing the situation which the King of the critical day, call the kingdom's smart to treat diseases of the King, from some smart people (traditional healer) who called to say that the King of pain because longing  to their children who have died . The physician suggested that the kingdom of advisors to be chiselled into a wood sculpture that resembles a face Manggale, and suggestions from the physician very day was held in a forest.

   When the statue was completed, the kingdom's first nomination ceremony for the statue Manggale palace to the kingdom. The physician holds the ritual ceremony, Sordam blow (wind instrument similar tool, one of the tools of Toba) and call the spirit of the King children to be included in the statue. The statue is transported from a hut in the forest and accompanied by Sordam sound and Gondang Sabangunan.

  After entourage arrived in the kingdom palace, the King suddenly recover from the disease because the king saw that the statue's face just as his son.

This is the origin of the statue Sigale-gale (the son of a King statue called Manggale)

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