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Nusa Kambangan beach

Written By Rio Gonzales on Monday, June 4, 2012 | Monday, June 04, 2012

Hearing the name Nusakambangan effect in our mind is only one, home detention for the Napi with severe cases. It is not often appear surprised at creepy connotations of the island near the city of Comodoro. But if we visit it yourself, this island appears to keep many amazing tourist potentialsGuaranteed after that there is no reason yet to mention the island's terrible. Given its status as an island detention Napi weight class for anyone who would like to visit here should be pocketing permit from the Department of Justice. Nusakambangan island can be reached via the town of Cilacap. Both are just a few hundred meters separated by the sea, that can be seen to be clearly seen if we look at it from the city of Comodoro. From Port of Comodoro Sweet Lo, already started to be blue sea water around the beach is relatively clean. This port is the access road to cross to the island of Nusakambangan. Port Provides ferry make it, can carry about 100-s measurement of the minibus and four cars. This ship is owned by the Ministry of Justice. It takes just about five minutes to cross to Port Sodong, the only port on the island of Nusakambangan. So get to the mainland, visitors who come often will come to the Napi offering carrying stones. Visitors are free to buy it as a tribute to them for between Rp.5000, - to IDR 10,000, -.

We begin Permisan Coast

which is also called the separation Coast. To get to this beach from the Cave of the Queen, we will pass the vast stretch of forest. Forests that were here getting into the more dense. In some sections the road in the forest, we can see the Napi who are equipped with cleaning and some staff who are doing the controls. In Nusakambangan Island, there are housing complexes for officers Nusakambangan sequentially. Down to a housing, the houses are located on the right road that splits left Nusakambangan Island. The population was being friendly to the visitors, they are happy to receive visitors if you want come by. Beach Permisan also available on the South Island LP Nusakambangan Permisan precisely. The beach is still very natural, much more tercemari by humans. With stunning views of the sea waves and sea south will bring wiasatawan enjoy the panoramic beauty like small islands and rocks in front of the beach has its own value compared to other tourist beach in Cilacap Permisan Coast is a very beautiful beach and its waters are blue and clean and not far from the beach to the sea there and on top of coral-shaped statue Commando knife which sticks to the ground. This seems to be an omen that this beach is a dangerous beach for swimming. Although very beautiful, but this beach while keeping the mystery in it.

In addition to the Coast Rancah Babakan

The most western tip lies Nusakambangan Island which is 35 km from the pier Sodong. To the coast through the strait grooves Nusakambangan - Segara Village Klaces young are beyond the Sea Village District. Throughout the past 4 LP LP that is still functioning Stone, Steel, Yellow and Permisan Expand and past district in the Marine Village with views of Klaces mangrove forest in groove side of the river and views of the mountains and the straits Indralaya. Coast Babakan download Downloadable Ranca unspoiled beaches belong because not many tourists who visit this beach

Further Turtle Bay beach

The coastal area stretching from the north (Ocean Fishing Port Cilacap), south (Nusakambangan Island) with panoramic sea waves huge tanker ships out of Port of Tanjung Intan and traditional fishing boats that go by along the Gulf coast Turtle and tegarnya Factory Pertamina and add beautiful ambience Nusakambangan Island beach.Various special food and gifts from the sea can be found easily on the beach and easily be found and always close to the tourists who visit Turtle Bay beach all day until midnight. Set in the District of South Cilacap with a distance of 2 km to the east from the city center and can be reached Brebes with public transport and private.                   source :http://enkrenkdmt.blogspot.com

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