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Cendol ,Indonesia.

Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 | Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Indonesia cendol a typical drink made ​​from rice flour, served with shredded ice and liquid brown sugar and coconut milk. Taste is sweet and savory drinks. In the area of ​​Sunda drink is known as cendol while in Central Java known as ice dawet.

Growing popular belief in the people of Indonesia that the term "cendol" probably comes from the word "swollen", which is found in Sundanese, Javanese and Indonesian; this refers to the sensation that is felt when the grain jendolan cendol through the middle of the mouth when drinking iced cendol.

Rice flour mixed with green colored and printed through a special filter, so the shape buliran. Initially the dye used is a natural dye from pandan leaves, but is now used artificial food colorings. In the Sunda cendol steamer made ​​its way to sift rice flour, colored with suji leaf with a sieve to obtain a rounded oval shape that taper at the ends. In the Sunda drink called cendol .

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