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Taman Safari National Park

Written By Unknown on Friday, April 27, 2012 | Friday, April 27, 2012

Taman SafariTaman Safari Park is a place a true nature lover just cannot forget to add in the itinerary on their visit to Indonesia. It’s a place where one not only spots animals like lions, crocodiles and tigers in their natural habitat but also watch them wander freely. Along with being a preservation center for animals it can also be called as a zoological garden due to its rich variety of flora and fauna. Here, along with enjoying the scenic splendor of nature one can also get to interact with it.
There are three Taman Safari Parks located in different provinces of Indonesia. Taman Safari I being located in the Cisarua Bogor of West Java; Taman Safari II in Mount Arjuno of East Java and Taman Safari III in the Marina Beach at Bali. Amongst all the three parks, Taman Safari I is more popular than the other two. From Jakarta, one can reach Taman Safari I by a rented car or by buying a tour package of this place.
The Taman Safari Parks are split into the herbivorous area and the carnivorous area. Taman Safari Bogor has a rich and varied species of animals from across the world. Currently, around 2500 animal species are conserved and nurtured in their native habitat at this place. Here one can also find the local animals that include bisons, komodos, sun bears, rhinoceros, anoa, white tigers and elephants. Even though the visitors enjoy the safari sitting in the car, but being in the middle along with the savage animals is a very thrilling and adventurous experience.
The fun doesn’t end with the Taman Safari Park. There are other tourist attractions like the bird park, baby zoo, elephant and horse riding, animal exhibition zoo and safari trek. The amusement park zone has a food court where one can enjoy the delicious food after this exhilarating and exploratory experience.
There are lodging facilities available from a modest facility hotel to villas. The management of the Taman Safari Park also offers caravan service which is suitable for staying overnight as well as can offer the pleasure of night safari in the park.
Exploring the Taman Safari is truly an unforgettable and a unique experience indeed.

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