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Fauna of Central Indonesia

Written By Rio Gonzales on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 | Tuesday, December 20, 2011

       Indonesia Central Region fauna distribution is also often referred to as the Islands fauna fauna Wallacea Wallacea or enough alone. It is also often referred to as the transitional fauna, the region that separates between the fauna of western Indonesia with the fauna of eastern Indonesia. Fauna of Indonesia Central Region covers the area:

Sulawesi Island
    The island of Timor
Nusa Tenggara islands, such as Flores, Sumba, Komodo Lombok and surrounding small islands

     Region located between the fauna of Indonesia Central Line Line Wallace and Webber. Wallace Line separating the fauna of Western Indonesia Central Indonesia. The line separating the territory Webber fauna with Indonesia Indonesia Middle East.Several types of fauna that live in the territory of Central Indonesia fauna include:1. Mammals, including anoa, hog deer, fish, mermaids, couscous, black monkeys, bears tarsiers, monkeys saba, horses, cows and bulls.Anoa - babirusa - black monkey
Anoa - babirusa - monyet hitam
Anoa - babirusa - black monkey
Ikan Duyung - Monyet Saba - Kuskus - Tarsius
Fish Mermaids - Monkey Saba - Kuskus - Tarsier
Kuda Sumba - kuda liar di pulau SumbaSumba horse - wild horses on the island of Sumba2. Reptiles, including lizards, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and reptiles typical of Indonesia namely giant Komodo dragon
Komodo - Reptil raksasa asli Indonesia yang merupakan hewan endemik yang hanya terdapat di pulau Komodo dan pulau-pulau kecil disekitarnyaKomodo - a giant reptile native to Indonesia, which is endemic animals are found only on Komodo and surrounding small islands3. Amphibians, including water frogs, tree frogs and toads fly Tree Frog - Frogs Water - Flying Frog
Katak Pohon - Katak Air - Katak Terbang
Tree Frog - Frogs Water - Flying Frog
4. Various kinds of birds, including birds gods (birds of paradise), maleo, Mandar, king prawns, bee eater birds, hornbills, cockatoos, parrots and pigeons.Bird of Paradise (bird deity) - Maleo - Mandar - hornbills
Burung Cendrawasih (burung dewata) - Maleo - Mandar - Rangkong
Bird of Paradise (bird deity) - Maleo - Mandar - hornbillsParrot - Parrot Bird - Bird Pigeons - Bird King Prawns
Burung Kakaktua - Burung Nuri - Burung Merpati - Burung Raja Udang
Parrot - Parrot Bird - Bird Pigeons - Bird King Prawns

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