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Sigura-gura waterfall in North Sumatra

Written By Rio Gonzales on Sunday, October 21, 2012 | Sunday, October 21, 2012

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Tms-kQsLQ0w/T32RtS22krI/AAAAAAAAB-Y/Oa-rMpIoHCw/s400/tourist%2Battraction%2BSigura-gura%2Bwaterfall.JPGNorth Sumatra is not only known as one of a very broad area in the archipelago, but also blessed by a variety of tourist attraction that is very beautiful, cool, and the nuances of nature.
One of the attractions that until now we often forget that waterfall Sipinot or better known as Sigura gura waterfall.
Of course, a tourist attraction Sigura gura waterfall more than the less flashy other attractions in North Sumatra as Prapat Lake Toba, Berastagi, Sembahe, Simalem Park Resort, or Bukit Lawang. However, the nature tour in gura waterfall Sigura certainly gives the impression that very hard to forget.
Entering the area of King Island, a distance of 20 kilometers of range or the right to enter the area of King Island, PTPN IV, visitors will be directly served by a variety of natural panoramic mountain cool. Along the road to a tourist attraction Sigura gura waterfall, we seemed to be pampered by a variety of green land with a combination of free-flowing river shavings, as free as the eyes of the tourist visitors who want to calm the heart and mind.
Tourist attraction Sigura gura waterfall itself is located 30 km from the intersection of major roads entering the area of King Island PTPN IV or for visitors who live in Medan area will enjoy a beautiful tourist attraction that is by traveling a distance of 250 km.
Of course, distance is not very much considering the beautiful natural charm will get from nature travel waterfall Sigura gura. So, for the visitors surely will feel comfortable at the same time to treat your longing for nature which is currently very rare for us to get.

As we all know that the waterfall is a geological formation of the currents of water flowing through the rock formations are eroding and falling down from a height. Artificial waterfall can be used in the park. Some waterfalls form in mountain environments where erosion often occurs. Until now falls into one of the tourist center and family recreation with a very valuable natural panorama.
Forgotten from Waterfall Sigura gura
Asahan River water flow flowing into the Strait of Malacca birth Sigura gura waterfall. Amazing, that's how you feel when you first set foot in District Paritohan. By visiting Tongging Village, you'll enjoy the beautiful scenery as tourist areas in the region Inalum nearby.
Before enjoying the waterfall up close, you will be served by beautiful natural scenery in the area of King Island across the region with PTPN IV to enter the area Inalum, you will disejukkan by various natural panorama of several waterfalls along the road leading to the top tourist waterfall Sigura gura.
Having reached the peak tourist Sigura gura waterfall, you have to walk approximately 100 meters to climb the stone-rock region in order to see closer Sigura gura waterfall. Arriving near Sigura gura waterfall is 50 meters or from under a waterfall shower, you can look at and climb the hills toward the grass in front of you.
You wonder about high hills will be accompanied by the roar of thousands of grains of water sprinkling was strong from the point bounced off the water that makes you fall like rain shower.Therefore Sigura gura waterfall has a height of 250 meters and waterfalls shavings produced by the River from Lake Toba is also the highest waterfall in Indonesia. It was very devastating to the wealth of natural tourism in North Sumatra
Rafting the International Level
At least a tourist attraction for visitors not only enjoy the rain shower of sparks and the swift Sigura gura waterfall, but also can see Inalum hydroelectric dams and to test the adrenaline, there is also a major tourist sites in the District of Pohan Meranti Doors are available for that activity, that adventure whitewater rafting on the swift flow of the River shavings that many rocks and around the location not far away from the arena of rafting is also available there is rock climbing a steep and slippery. Start early in rafting activities contained in the border district with the District Meranti Door Pohan Paritohan or below the ancient bridge.
Located just below the ancient bridge in the border district, you also seemed to re-decorated by natural feel constantly in the area with the ancient architecture of the bridge.
Before you follow the activities of white water rafting and rock climbing, nature adventurers must complete any recommended equipment respectively. In this Asahan River, annually held international rafting competitions.
Less Attention Local Government
Seeing the presence of Sigura gura waterfall that always beautiful views from every angle can actually be one of the mainstay of Culture and Tourism in increasing revenue (PAD). However, unfortunately, is a tourist attraction still appears to be merely "the road in place" just and right now a tourist attraction condition Sigura gura still receive less attention mainly impressed access road to the center of tourist attraction that most severely damaged.
Actually, the distance from the intersection of King Island attractions Sigura gura towards a more or less 30 meters is not a long distance if the access road to a tourist attraction can be addressed with a good asphalt. Moreover, there is one on the road that will affect exposed to landslides and can endanger the tourists who want to visit tourist attractions Sigura gura waterfall.
It is unfortunate when local governments are reluctant to fix the infrastructure of natural tourist attraction Sigura gura waterfall remember that waterfall which is located in North Sumatra was crowned as the highest waterfall in Indonesia with a height of 250 meters.
What a tourist attraction with huge potential for progress in North Sumatra as a tourist attraction Sigura gura waterfall can not only be the object of tourism prestesius national level, but also can be a natural attractions with international class

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