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Karang Bolong beach

Written By Unknown on Sunday, June 3, 2012 | Sunday, June 03, 2012

Anyer Bolong Beach coral ... maybe for a moment we will see how the physical shape of the beach is named coral hole .. After being on the beach, visitors will find themselves why the beach is so named ..
This beach is the beach recreation area where there is a large rock in the center hole to form a natural arch. one tip reef on the beach while others overlook the sea. Karang Bolong likely this happens because as a result of Krakatau volcano in 1883. At the peak there cupola observation and this forest retreat and enjoy the sea view. 
Karang Bolong beach is 50 km from the city  Attack or 140 km from the city of Jakarta, about 11 km towards the south Anyer or about 30 miles north of Labuan this Beach there are very large stones that stood in the arch. One tip reef on the beach while others stick to the sea. 
Karang Bolong beach, It is situated on the edge of the road make it easier for visitors coral-bolong1.jpgto find this beach. Before the visitors buy tickets in advance dahulu.untuk visitors who bring private vehicle can park in the area reefs kendaraanya vent. 
When are the public, visitors are required to park vehicles outside the area that has been provided by the organizer. Karang Bolong Beach sand is relatively clean and white. the pengunujung usually not the power to not follow the coast, occasionally soak feet in cold seawater. Icons of course the beach is the pride of a very large stones in the middle vent for sea water eroded a long period of time. By the manager of this coast, some parts of the reef is so visitors can staircase up the reef to the top.From where is the height above the reef visitors can enjoy views of the sea. views of the sea from the reef stunning and very attractive. Peace will once felt while sitting on the reef. Not to mention the gentle sea breeze did not stop rushing to attend the face and hair are very cold. the visitor with the terms of peace can be freely adopted by the governors of the coast. for visitors who want to spend the night do not worry, because it is already available accommodation. Many people who offer a variety of foods. so visitors need not fear the food problem properly powered .. I hope you enjoy this beach ..
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