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Floating Market Estuary Kuin

Written By Rio Gonzales on Monday, June 18, 2012 | Monday, June 18, 2012

Floating Market Kuin Estuary is one of these traditional markets that are above the river water in estuaries Barito Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
Floating market is unique because it can be said in general the market is on the ground but this Floating Market as the name suggests is located above the water surface by using Jukung Barito river (boat name in Banjar language) as a means / place for buying and selling.
In addition to the Estuary Floating Market Kuin there's more floating markets such as the Floating Market in Martapura river.

Disebuah like the market, the Floating Market is a view also shows a transaction between merchants and buyers who come from various parts of the village. Goods sold in addition to materials of everyday staples also sell prepared foods such as soup banjo, yellow rice and cakes, but there are also stalls available on the vessel within which a table and chairs to eat just like a coffee shop alongside a road. Diwarung aboard this train that visitors can enjoy the soup and rice rawon.
Floating Market activity took place in the morning before the sun rises at about 5:00 pm until about 8:00 pm and is gradually deserted when the sun begins to reveal itself from the east.
Characteristic of Floating Market is the number of boats large and small, overcrowded each other looking for buyers and sellers who paced to and fro.
Another distinctive feature is still more frequent occurrence of barter transactions between merchants who boating, which is in a language called Banjar Bapanduk.
Hamlet is a term for women traders who boating.
Panyambangan is the name for the second hand purchase from Hamlet.

Floating Market this could be an attraction for tourists to visit Indonesia the world because it has a high sales value. To preserve and maintain the Floating Market, then the Floating Market Festival was held on the banks of the river Martapura. Various attractions of this festival was held in such dances, banyanyi, bagasing, balogo, Mahidin and diverse customs and cultures.

Banjarmasin river tourism has the potential to be developed further. Along the river in Banjarmasin still mostly found floating houses called Lanting and this house could become a tourist attraction.
Kuin area which is a residential area is located along the river has several tourist attractions, such as nature tourism, indigenous tourism and cultural tourism. Besides, Floating Market, the township with its traditional houses ditepian river, carving crafts and ornaments Banjar traditional boat house is an interesting attraction for tourists.

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