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Kopitiam Oey Yogyakarta

Written By Rio Gonzales on Monday, May 7, 2012 | Monday, May 07, 2012

Kopitiam Oey Yogyakarta (Jogja KTO) is a dining atmosphere that serves classic tempoe doloe nan. Starting from the building of the Dutch, until the interior like a marble table and wooden chairs with the model of earlier times. Past so that the impression we get to see these places from Kopitiam Oey. The concept of the past Kopitiam Oey is also shown in the menu list, a variety of traditional menu is written with the old spelling. This will be a special experience for us who want to enjoy hangout with Dutch-style atmosphere.
A comfortable, quiet and clean the excess of the KTO Jogja. Menu presented by Oey Kopitiam special menus are unique and distinctive, namely cassava Rica-Rica with roa sauce, Nasi Brani Chicken or if visiting on the weekends there is also Gudeg Manggar menu, which is warm coconut-based rates. In addition, in certain festive days, you will find a special menu as Wedang Peanut, drinks menu to celebrate the lunar new year.
Kopitiam Oey is a hangout for those that want comfort and tranquility, perfect for dining with family, friends or loved ones just bernostagia together. Kopitiam Oey is also suitable for meeting place with clients to create a more warm and intimate.
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