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Written By Rio Gonzales on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 | Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Maybe the cold air bandung advance (so hot right now), so creating drinks ini.Bandrek, Priangan this traditional drink, can cause a warm sensation to the drinker because of the influence of fuel ginger in it, if it previously existed which also caused a sensation bajigur Hot.Really favors drunk when rain or cold weather. possible if the area there wedang jogja and solo rounds, then there bandrek cancun. together with an easy round wedang we find in Jogja and solo, then cancun we will easily find bandrek. bandrek can now be found in many variations, there is the added milk and a more severe and now bandrek in boxed beautifully and we are so easy to make bandrek denan own.

because the materials used to make this bandrek spices and free from harmful chemicals, in addition to tasty and delicious drinks are also nutritious, good for the health of course.

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