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Sano Nggoang Lake

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 | Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nature tourism is no death, always offering new things that will not be found in every destinations. Like this one lake, Lake Sano Nggoang, East Nusa Tenggara.

Located in West Manggarai regency, volcanic lake has become the largest lake as NTT. It lies at the western tip of Flores island who want to make your vacation here can make their own travel packages with other tourist destinations, such as the Komodo National Park, Waterfall Cunca Rami, Cunca Wulang, and much more.

Access to the lake is still relatively difficult, the only access from the city of gray Bajo to the lake this is a landline. Departing from Labuan Bajo trip takes about 3-4 hours. Not far away, but the badly damaged road conditions make travel time becomes longer, now transport pathways to Lake Sano Nggoang under construction. The entrance for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the lake is the village of Wae Nggoang Sano Sano, exactly Nunang hamlet. Hamlet Nunang already have community-owned home stay right on the edge of the lake.

Friends road trip that severely damaged will make you bored if you really do not enjoy the ride. The main drugs are able to drive kebosananan journey is the landscape that is still very natural and beautiful with a typical residential-housing community Manggarai. Along the way we will meet with hazelnut forest, bamboo, and villagers are very friendly.

Until the T-junction towards Kampung Nunang, all tired and bored perjaanan be treated and disappear instantly. From the top of the hill fork in the road leading to the Nunang, you will be presented with the green expanse of the lake is very beautiful forest. Nunang pass road leading to the lake edge, if this definitely can not wait to fast until the Nunang. On the outskirts of the lake you will be very easy to look to the lake, see the hordes of ducks forest each day bathing in the lake. Forests are very natural way to add comfort, no noise or brokers that will interfere with your travel in this tourist destination.

Until the Nunang, every tourist will be greeted with hospitality community, traditional ceremonies "kapu" typical Manggarai used for welcoming guests. Culture, society Nunang very thick, each visitor will be received in the villages has been completed Nunang if accepted by the rituals kapu. Nunang itself is the capital village of Wae Sano, already exists in this village tourism information, travel maps, and trained guide. Nunang atmosphere is very beautiful, right on the edge of the lake and behind the village immediately adjacent to forest areas Mbeliling.

Here are some of the tourist activities that can be done on Lake Sano Nggoang.

1. Photography

Everyone who comes to travel would be very happy to perpetuate the tourist activity, in this lake a lot of interesting places to spot who like the photos. Very beautiful sunset also can be found every afternoon when the weather is sunny.

2. Around the lake

As in other lakes, we could tour the Lake Sano Nggoang with several alternatives: the first could walk for those who like adventure or that both could use a horse that is in the homes tour guide.

3. Tracking

Beauty and the beauty of Lake Sano Nggoang be more enjoyable to perform tracking towards the hilltops that surround the lake. Short track that used to be the tourist destination is domestic or foreign god Golo Peak or Peak used to call people Nunang Savana. From there you will see Lake Sano Ngooang with the hamlets in the beautiful surroundings. The trip will also be enjoyed through the forest because mbeliling. Other tracks are more challenging is the culmination dedeng poco, en route to this peak through steep hills and dense forest. From the top to enjoy the beauty of the district of Manggarai, Manggarai west, even the city of Labuan Bajo can be seen if the weather is sunny.

4. Bird Observations

There are so many bird species you can find when visiting this area. Flores endemic birds found in the forests all these Mbeliling. Every morning we would be spoiled by the chirping of birds and very easy to observe their activities even for those who like photography to be very into paradise.

5. Culture and Religion

There is an old village complex in the hills Golo Mblecek (in the east Nunang) which is the ancestral village Nunang community. According to the story of the people, their ancestors were part of the kingdom of Minangkabau and Bima. In addition, there is a church on the banks of the lake which was the center of the first Catholic religion in the village of Wae Sano and surrounding areas.

6. Warm Water Baths

There is a source of warm water that is still natural and not well managed, very fitting for you who want a natural atmosphere and away from the crowd disturbances. It's not enough if only one day on Lake Sano Nggoang, certainly an interesting journey if we had reached at this location and menikmasti all tourist wealth. For lovers of coffee drinks, you'll be very satisfied as long as the village Nunang, Flores coffee with traditional processed there will be on the table every time you sit down.

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